Samantha Wills To Close Jewellery Brand After 15 Years

"I have made the decision to end this chapter of the brand."

Australian designer Samantha Wills has announced that her popular jewellery brand, SAMANTHA WILLS, will be closing for good.

The 36-year-old shared the news on her Instagram page on Friday, confirming that the brand will cease trading in January 2019.

Her reason for closing the profitable business was simply because she needed a change, and wanted to tackle new challenges.

"It's time to let go and go out and discover the next chapter for the brand and for me personally."

Wills launched her now-iconic jewellery brand back in 2004 at just 22 years of age and started out selling her handmade wares at market stalls in Sydney.

She saw her business grow over the next decade and a half from a small operation in her kitchen to an internationally successful brand loved by celebrities and stocked in major department stores.

Wills explained why she decided against selling the business on, saying, "I know that the truest beginnings can only present themselves when you can be brave enough to close a door to move forward."

"I chose to close instead of sell, a decision made to honour the last 15 years of this brand and its values of authenticity, kindness and empathy," she wrote.

She stated that the current employees will be supported during the next six months to transition onto the next phase of their careers.

She also confirmed that while the jewellery arm of the SAMANTHA WILLS brand was coming to an end, that did not mean that the brand itself would cease to exist.

Wills isn't exactly sure what the future entails but is committed to continuing working with her charity, the Samantha Wills Foundation, which supports young entrepreneurs.

Feature image: Getty.