It's World Vegan Day! So Here Are 10 Vegan Beauty Brands That Are, Like, Actually Vegan

We read the labels so you don't have to.

We've got a confession to make: pulling together this list of vegan beauty brands was not as easy-peasy as we initially thought. Sure, a quick Google search unearthed an almost endless list of vegan brands but all was not what it seemed.

Upon closer scrutiny -- that is, a simple check of the brand's online FAQ section -- it turned out that many brands on these vegan-friendly lists, which were often compiled by vegan-friendly websites, were not, in fact, vegan. Like, at all.

It seems like a lot of the confusion came down to a mix up between the terms 'cruelty-free' and 'vegan.'

To get the hard word on the difference between the two terms we hit up Jacob Stanley, Head of Education at MECCA Brands, who told ten daily:

“We use the term ‘cruelty free’ to classify brands, as it refers to the fact that the brand does not test their products on animals.

"The term ‘vegan’ on the other hand is used to classify products that contain no animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax or lanolin."

To make things easier for you, our lovely readers, we've done the hard yards to put together our own list of beauty brands that are either completely vegan, or substantially so. They're also widely available in Australia. Bonus.

Mecca Max

100 percent vegan.

Mecca Maxima's own makeup line, Mecca Max, has been proudly animal cruelty-free for a while, but on July 31 it was announced that the entire range is now 100 percent vegan. Hi-fives or paws all round.


Partially vegan.

While NYX is PETA-certified cruelty-free, it's important to note that not all their products are vegan. To find out what's what check out their handy list of vegan products, which includes best-selling Powder Puff Lippies. Hurrah!

KORA Organics

Partially vegan.

Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr's beauty brand is proud to say that most of the range is classified vegan. The only exclusions are the Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm, Noni Glow Face Balm and Noni Glow Body Balm which contains beeswax, and the Unscented Cleansing Bar which contains Goat's Milk.

Kat Von D

100 percent vegan.

Brand founder Kat Von D is an animal advocate and passionate vegan, so it makes sense that her beauty range would adhere to the same principles. Every single one of the hyper-performance products are completely free of animal-derived ingredients, and are of course never tested on animals.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Partially vegan.

Like, NYX, Anastasia Beverly Hills is 100 percent cruelty-free but only some products are vegan -- your best bet is to look for the handy vegan symbol on the products or do a quick search for 'vegan' on the website.

Urban Decay

Partially vegan.

The Urban Decay isn't totally vegan but the range does include several vegan options -- including their All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder -- which they've kindly pulled together into a list on their website.

Too Faced

Partially vegan.

Many Too Faced products are vegan, like their best-selling Chocolate Brow-nie brow pencils and the Better Than Sex mascara, which they've just given a limited-edition birthday makeover. Hit up their FAQs page for a complete list of their vegan-friendly products.


Partially vegan.

Lush is an out-and-proud vegetarian company, but only about 80 percent of their products are suitable for vegans. Fret not, because their latest cult fave, their foundation Slap Sticks, are entirely vegan. 


Partially vegan.

Not all Tarte products are vegan, but many of them are, like their popular Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara and their Shape Tape matte foundation. Woop.


100 percent vegan.

Not one e.l.f. product contains animal-derived ingredients -- they use synthetic versions of both beeswax and lanolin -- so vegan makeup lovers can shop to their heart's delight.

Feature image: Instagram/@meccamaxima.