Nail Trends You Should Nail Right Now

Hands down the easiest beauty trends to take on.

When it comes to experimenting with your beauty looks and trends, a manicure is the one place we say go for it. Not only is it harder to make an unflattering foray into new territory (like say, a mismatched lipstick shade), but fun, loud and anything-but-boring nails are having a moment, making exploring new looks all the better. We’ve rounded up some new nail looks for the Spring season and have some exclusive tips for your tips from two of the country’s most talented manicurists... glass of Spring-ready rosé in hand to show off handiwork optional.


“Spring will bring big pops of colour in both pastels and bright tones,” says Miss Betty Rose, a Sydney-based celebrity nail stylist who’s tended to the tips of stars like P!nk, Katy Perry, Kelly Rowland, Cate Blanchett, Jessie J, Naomi Campbell, and Sophie Turner, to name a few. She continues, “Get ready for peachy tones and oranges, and even for some yellows, too.” As for those looking for a more traditional Spring manicure? “Definitely look for rich reds and mossy greens; these colours also look great with poppy spring colours for nail art, too.”

We love mega cool Smith & Cult’s Porn-a-Thon, a creamy, opaque pastel peach, and Lover’s Creep, a luscious Bordeaux shade.


Rose says for Spring she’s “still loving a matte nail; it looks amazing with the aforementioned Spring tones, as matte mutes the brightness so the colours are more wearable.” Lauren LaRouge, founder of Sydney-based salon Nailed By LaRouge, adds that “A mix of matte and high-gloss is always striking and accentuates the attributes of both when paired together.”

For a modern matte manicure, Chanel’s current collection, Le Mats de Chanel, features two new velvety matte nail shades in Ultime, a classic rich scarlet, and Profondeur, a plush black cherry.


LaRouge says her Spring inspiration is right off the runway: “Gucci has been exciting lately with their classic snake imagery, which I find is always classic and classy, yet vivid and bold.” As for what Rose favours for Spring nail art? “Floral nails are in! There are a huge range of beautiful decals out there for easy at home nail art, but getting a hand-painted floral manicure from a nail art professional will take your nails next level! Also, Jelly nails are huge right now. They’re super fun to play with, and lots of layering options can achieve different looks; I like to pop a soft glitter or metallic polish underneath the jelly tone to add a different dimension to the nail.”

Rose says this look can even be accomplished with a DIY mani: “Jelly polishes are easy to make at home: add a few drops of your favourite colour to a top coat and off you go. The aforementioned floral nail art would also look great over the jelly nail look, too.” LaRouge warns of wear, though: “Get a speck of dust, makeup, food or any fibre under the nails, and go from devastatingly gorgeous to disgusting.”


“People who wear acrylics are loving them as long and strong as possible; however, I’m also seeing a rise of the natural nail, which is also fabulous!” shares LaRouge.

Rose echoes this sentiment, and says, “Natural nails are a huge look for the Spring season. Most benefit from a soft rounded square look, which is both super natural and super flattering and will still elongate the nail.”