11 Chic, Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags To Help Save The Planet

Say no to plastic, but yes to style.

Like it or lump it, the plastic bag ban in supermarkets is here to stay and we reckon it's a good thing too -- have you seen the state of the world's oceans lately?

It's reported that plastic items will outnumber fish by 2050, and Greenpeace has even found bits of the stuff in Antarctica. Not cool, not cool at all, if you'll excuse the pun.

If the environmental impact of plastic isn't enough to convince you to get with the 'BYO bag' program, then hopefully the lure of some retail therapy will.

While the reusable green bags you can pick up at places like Coles and Woolies are all right, why not go one better by investing in something functional yet chic?

If you pick something pretty and fun to lug your groceries home in you'll be more inclined to use it, and less likely to forget it in the car -- no one likes to get caught out at the register.

Plus, you'll be helping the environment. It's a win-win really -- and who said you can't save the world by shopping?

Au Naturale
Image: The Iconic.

What is it: M.N.G's Canel Bag, $89.95 (currently on sale for $44) from The Iconic.

Why we love it: it's made from jute, which is on of the most eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable natural fibres in the world.

Be fair(trade)
Image: Oxfam.

What is it:  MADE FAIR Canvas Bag in Orange Tones, $19.95 from Oxfam.

Why we love it: it's made by fair trade producers the Federation of Tibetan Cooperations in India, with profits going back to the workers and also to support the refugee community in India.

Easy to clean
Image: Hard To Find.

What is it: PAPER by Kollab Washable Kraft Paper Bag, $47.95 from Hard To Find.

Why we love it: like it says in the name, this bag is made from washable natural fibre pulp so there's no need to worry about spills or leaks. PS. the handles are made from vegan leather.

Urban warrior
Image: The Iconic.

What is it:  Urban Originals Byron Bag in green/black, $89.95 (currently on sale for $45) from The Iconic.

Why we love it: it's made from wetsuit fabric or neoprene which is not only wipeable in the case of spills but a low chemical, eco-conscious fabric.

Surprise package
Image: Etsy.

What is it: PiaBaine Foldable Eco Shopping Bag, $18 from Etsy.

Why we love it: it might not look like a bag at first but -- surprise -- when you pop the press stud it unrolls into a medium-sized tote.

A pretty print
Image: Me Too Please.

What it is: Me Too Please oilcloth tote, $55.

Why we love it: this bag is made in Australia at a social enterprise that provides employment for people with a disability or on the autism spectrum. It's also made from a fabric that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Hola, bella!
Image: Flora & Fauna.

What is it: Maravillas Piñatex Tote Bag Black, $145 from Flora & Fauna.

Why we love it: this slick tote is super roomy and is made from sustainable, ethical pineapple leaf fibre in sunny Spain.

A cheery carry-all
Image: Hard To Find.

What is it: Holy Tote Sagaponack Tote Bag, $69.95 (currently on sale for about $56) from Hard To Find.

Why we love it: it's made from waterproof plastic strapping that's 70 percent recycled, and comes in heaps of cool colours.

Highly strung
Image: Moose In The Moon.

What is it: Eco String Bag, $12.95 from Moose In The Moon.

Why we love it: it's 100 percent natural cotton, has a cute retro vibe AND holds up to about 15kg.

Plastic fantastic
Image: Etsy.

What is it: Jimpiphanys Reusable Market Bag, about $28.20 from Etsy.

Why we love it: it's made of plastic but before y'all freak out, let us clarify that it's made from plastic yarn or 'plarn' which is basically strips of old plastic bags that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Peachy keen
Image: Cotton On.

What is it: Cotton On Foundation Tote in peachy, $4.

Why we love it: you'll be helping to empower youth as 100 percent of the proceeds go towards Cotton On's mission to reach 20,000 educational places by 2020.

Make your own

What is it: a DIY shopping bag made from your a t-shirt.

Why we love it:  it's the ultimate upcycling fashion statement, plus you don't have to let go of your fave old tee.

Feature image: Moose In The Moon, Cotton On and The Iconic.