Jessica Simpson Posts Pic Of Her Shoe Cupboard And We're Not Sad About It

Because shoes friends -- SHOES -- and heck-loads of them too

Jessica Simpson has a problem. It's an awesome problem and one which plenty of us wish we had -- but a problem nonetheless. You see, the woman has SO many pairs of shoes that it's tricky for her to decide which beautiful pair should grace her lovely feet each day. We know right - CAPITAL P PROBLEM.

Okay, so it's not really so much of a problem as a dilemma maybe? But whatever -- she's dealing with it okay? Also, she's sharing her pain and struggle and difficulty via her Instagram account and we're torn between wanting to give her a good hard slap and wishing she was part of our gang and we could swing on by and hang out with her. Well, her shoes mainly, but still, she seems okay.

And heck -- you can't blame the woman for showing off her lovely, lovely shoes. After all, what you may or may not know is that shoes are what made Jessica Simpson the very rich woman she is today.

Yes, she was a successful actor and even a somewhat successful singer. And she's the force behind a number of fashion collections, but it was shoes that really brought her the big bucks. And when we say big bucks we mean BIG BUCKS.

The Jessica Simpson Collection, which is frequently lauded as one of the top-earning celebrity brands, has been around since 2006. It's largely shoes but it also includes clothing, accessories and fragrances. And it has reputedly made JS not just millions -- but billions. Real billions folks.

Clearly, the woman who once mistook tuna for chicken, is no dumb bunny. And her husband retired football player Eric Johnson, 38, isn't either. Together the pair is taking over the world. Well, the world of shoes anyway ... and like we said earlier, not sad about it.

Feature image: Getty.