Royal Wedding Style: Bold Colours, Big Smiles And Crazy-Ass Hats

Except for Victoria Beckham - aint nobody going to tell her what to wear.

A wedding is a perfect excuse to slip into something sensational and the guests at the royal wedding have certainly taken that to heart. They were provided with a strict dress code of course and they followed it to the letter.

That code went pretty much like this. Women were told to wear 'day dress and a hat'. No length was dictated but it's generally expected that you wear a dress that is no shorter than just below the knee. Interestingly, you can go sleeveless however - and many have opted to do so.

Men were required to wear a morning suit, a lounge suit or full military regalia. If you opt for morning suit you can add a top hat. So far we're yet to see any however.

Frankly, we love a dress code and the stricter the better. It means that you know you'll be appropriately dressed and not left wondering. Because nobody needs that. And we're delighted that women were told to wear hats. Because it marks the occasion as legitimately formal - and damn, so it should be.

Here, a quick round up of the women, and a few fellas too, who rocked up in devastating style.

Image: Getty.

Lady Kitty Spencer arrives arrives for the wedding ceremony and we can't even.

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James Blunt and his model wife Sophia Wellesley.

Oprah Winfrey. Image: Getty.

Come on down Oprah. Yes. It is Oprah. She's there. Underneath that hat.

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Pippa Middleton and husband James Mathews opted for tradition. Pippa's dress was soft spring pretty with just a hint of daring.

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Hey there Posh and Becks. Victoria one of the few who opted for a fascinator.

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Amal and George Clooney. Classic, chic and sunshiny.

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Carey Mulligan is pretty in florals alongside Marcus Mumford.

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Sophie, the Countess of Wessex looked absolutely picture perfect.