Ashley Graham's Latest Swimsuit Campaign Has Zero Retouching And She Looks Amazing

Like super, incredibly, shockingly amazing.

Ashley Graham  is all about loving the shape you're in -- no matter what. And the 30-year-old model and body positivity ambassador isn't afraid to put her money where her mouth is.

The popular cover girl stars in the latest campaign for the swimsuit label Swimsuits For All and not one single image has been retouched. And we're delighted to say that Ashley looks utterly phenomenal.

In the campaign Ashley models the collection of retro-feel swimsuits which are designed to flatter all shapes and sizes. There are string bikinis and sporty two-piece styles and of course, maillots with daring detailing including gold hardware and even crystals. Best of all, the collection ranges in size from four to 24 meaning there really is a style for everyone.

The shoot in which Ashley stars in is dubbed Power of the Paparazzi. This is because it's shot paparazzi style -- that is, unrehearsed, unprepared and utterly untouched.

The campaign sees Ashley strolling and chatting, leaning and laughing and a range of other entirely natural poses. The vibe of every single image is I am comfortable in my body and I don't care who's looking or what they think. And we're all about that. Ashley shared a snap from the campaign to her Instagram account. In it, she looks sexy as hell and clearly she thought so too.

One very impressive Ashley Graham -- completely untouched. Image: Swimsuits For All.

"We decided to use unedited paparazzi shots as the campaign images," she wrote alongside the sizzling image. "Reminder: being authentic is beautiful."

Yes, yes, yes it is Ashley and may we say thank you for reminding us of that fact. Women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes and there's beauty and grace in all of them.

One fine day -- also woman. Ashley Graham take a bow. Image: Swimsuits For All.