Nicole Kidman's 2018 ACM Awards Dress Has a Very Daring Detail

Nailed it

Nicole Kidman swept into the 2018 ACM Awards on Monday like a traditional golden goddess. Hand in hand with husband country singer Keith Urban, Nicole wowed the crowd in a full-length gown by Michael Kors.

With its high neck and long sleeves which gathered delicately at the wrists, Nicole showed not an inch of skin. Unlike many of the women on the red carpet,  our Nic was covered from head to toe. And yet, she was 100 percent woman thanks to the gown's incredibly flattering cut.

The golden goddess dress from the front. Image: Getty.

Photographers and fans were alike were delighted but it wasn't until she turned a full 360 degrees that the crowd fully grasped just how incredible Nicole's dress truly was. And how it wasn't quite so demure after all.

Indeed, the shimmery, gold-sequinned gown was entirely backless. And when we say entirely backless - we mean entirely backless.

Ta-dah! That back though. Image: Getty.

The stunning gown was buttoned at the nape of the neck and cut away to just above Nicole's derriere. And thanks to her astonishing frame, it looked pure magic.

We love that Nicole was daring enough to wear an outfit that had an unexpected detail - and also that she is redefining what sexy means and more importantly, what it looks like. And the truth is sexy doesn't have to mean revealing every inch of your body. It can actually be even more exciting when you leave a little to the imagination.

Keith certainly seems to like Nicole's choice of gown. Image: Getty.

Fashion Editor Damien Woolnough applauded Nicole for her choice noting that Michael Kors is the perfect choice for easy-on-the-eye go-to glamour.

"The silhouette is Loretta Lynn meets Dynasty and lets everyone know Nicole is a little bit Nashville and quite a lot Hollywood," said Woolnough.

"It's more ye olde than yee ha, but Nicole is smart enough to leave the romper suits to the next generation."

Other fashion houses offering a similar style of grown-up glamour include Morrison, Carla Zampatti and Camilla and Marc. All three have elegant designs with a twist.