Meet Unicorn Rae, The Puppy With One Ear In The Middle Of Her Head

Rae is a one-eared pup with a face that will melt your heart.

An injury at birth left the golden retriever pup without one of her ears, and as she grew her remaining ear slowly made its way to the top of her head -- turning the sweet little thing into what her owner calls "a unicorn."

Rae's owner, Brianna Vorhees, has been looking after the dog since birth, after early complications led to her needing round the clock care.

"When she was born, her mum was too rough with her in the amniotic sac," Brianna told 10 daily.

"She tore her left ear off and seriously injured her to the point of needing emergency surgery."

Brianna explained that at six weeks old, Rae began to grow rapidly. At that point, the remaining ear began to move as the dog grew larger.

The 12-week-old pup's ear works fine, and sticks up just as it would for a typical puppy. And when she wakes up from a nap, it's floppy and soft, and oh dear so cute! So very cute!



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Hailing from Michigan in the United States, the young pup has garnered quite the internet following. At the time of publishing, her Instagram account has more than 20 thousand followers and counting.

And looking over those gorgeous photos, it's little wonder why.

Sadly, people weren't as quick to embrace the unusual dog in real life as they were online.

"A lot of people don't react 'in love' with her, until now," said Brianna. "Most people looked confused at what was up with her ear, and asking what breed she was."

But Brianna loved her unique fur baby all the same, her co-workers even telling her they knew Rae would one day be famous.

This experience  has taught me that the internet is powerful. It has been amazing to see how much love she has gotten.

Among all the heart eye emojis and a legion of "awwws" left in the comments, fans of Rae are sending the pup a whole lot of love.

"She is the cutest dog in the world," wrote one keen commenter.

"Rae I would die for u," wrote another.

This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

Rae's fame entered a whole new stratosphere recently when a TikTok user named Sam uploaded a video of the dog playing around and enjoying a good pat.

Currently, the video has 2.7 million views and thousands of smitten comments. You can watch the adorable clip at the top of this article.

And Rae isn't the only "unicorn" dog to go viral. Late last year, Narwhal captured hearts all over the world after he was rescued from the streets.

The puppy has a secondary tail growing right between his eyes.



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Unicorn puppies are the cutest little things on the internet, and they tell incredible tales (or tails) of acceptance despite their difference.

While we wish we could give Rae a big ol' cuddle, for now we'll have to stick to swooning over our phone screens.

Rae is one lucky pup, and her owner loves her dearly.

"She is a very vivacious and funny and brave girl," said Brianna.

"Since the beginning we could tell she was special."

Featured Image: Instagram

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