Traits All Cat Lovers Have In Common That Are Helping Us Through Isolation

Since the dawn of time (well, my time that is) I have been a self-confessed, out and proud cat lady.

I love everything about them -- their judgmental ways, their sometimes questionable and precarious curiosity, their subjective loyalty, their affection and cuddles, their smooches and their fiercely purring motors.

Plus the facts that they clean themselves, I don’t have to walk them and that they are pretty self-reliant.

Up until recently, I had thought my love for felines couldn’t possibly grow any further.

The best part of owning a cat is how self reliant they are. Image: Getty

But now as I face coronavirus related pressures like homeschooling my daughters and working remotely alongside my husband, I have realised it could.

And I know I am not the only one who has relied on the love and unrivaled affections of their cats to keep them sane though this challenging time.

Just like our feline friends, cat lovers also share some of the same traits that make us the kind of people we are. You know -- totally PAWESOME (sorry, had to say it).

1. You love cats more than people

This is the truest of true for cat lovers. We know that cats are far more loyal, loving, wise, entertaining, respectful and caring than humans.

They prove this everyday with a big smooch and a lap cuddle at approximately 7.30pm each evening as Netflix is turned on, very helpful for when we can’t leave the house.

2. You're attracted to other cat lovers

Although I now own two rescue cats, there was a time in my renting journey (before laws permitted a lot of pet ownership) where I was unable to co-exist alongside my family of choice.

But in their absence, I would find myself a human family member or friend who was ‘catted up’ and spent quality time over there, while counting down the days until I could make my heart complete.



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3. You're obsessed with social media cats and cat videos

Hours, sometimes days can go by while we watch cats on YouTube and it is most definitely not a waste of time. Not by a long shot. Especially now that we have a little more time on our hands.

From cats in boxes, cats in shoes, cats in bags, cats chasing string or lasers or other cats, cats ‘assisting’ their humans doing certain tasks like typing on their keyboard or making the bed. Whatever it is, it’s always definitely cat-tastic.

And then there are the social media cats who are out there doing weird and wonderful things that our own cats don’t always do -- like going on intrepid adventures or swimming in the ocean, like Australia’s very own Nathan the Beach Cat.

4. Your cat is NOT your pet, they are your furry child

Cat lovers don’t view their fur babies as ‘pets’. For us, our cats are our children. We call ourselves their “mum” or “dad” and any other animals (and humans) of the house are their 'siblings'.

And no, this doesn’t change when we have ‘real’ children of the human variety, they just come second place (the human kids that is).

Shona with her two daughters. Image: Supplied

5. You talk and about your cat A LOT

As I write this I am looking at a framed photo of my cat upon my desk. He is also on my phone screen and often comes up in a lot more conversation than my two non-whiskered kids.

“You’ll never guess what Slinky did last night?” Is often my opening line when I jump on a Zoom call, followed by a solid reenactment to my work wife (also a cat lady) of the clumsy mischief my cat got up to the evening before.

6. You include your cat in most social media posts

Cat lovers will often include their felines in their profile picture on Facebook, Instagram and even Tinder (while I'm not on Tinder, if I was, I would).

The point is, cat lovers feature their babies on their social media channels considerably. And if they don’t happen to have their own cats, they will share pictures of other cats from the internet, cat videos, cat memes, quotes about cats and any other cat-related content available.



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7. You love all things 'cat'

Cat clothing, cat PJs, cat accessories, cat home wares, cat television shows and films and fellow cat loving celebs like Ed Sheeran, Tay Tay, Ellen DeGeneres and Dr Chris Brown -- you name it and you're obsessed.

Now that designers have finally caught on about how cool cats (and cat lovers) are, we also no longer have to be viewed as ‘dags’ by embracing our cat loving selves.

8. You're smart

Well self-explanatory here. But no really, we are.

We love an animal species who are affectionate with unique personalities, yet are self-sufficient and don't require us to wash them, walk them or train them. That's what I call SMART.

With all these qualities combined, they're definitely helping the cat ladies get through iso, myself included.

Featured image: Getty