Uber Is Now Allowing Pets In Cars And It's Time To Tell Your Fur Baby

Good news for pet owners -- Uber are trialing a service that allows you to bring your pet with you on your travels.

Internationally, Australia has reputation of riding kangaroos to school. Now, while we still don't ride them, we can ride with them.

From tomorrow, animal lovers in Sydney and Brisbane will be able to specifically select pet-friendly Ubers.

It's called Uber Pet, and it's the convenient new way to get to all that goat yoga you've had booked in for months -- BYO goat.

Within your regular app will be the Uber Pet option, nestled alongside Uber Black, Uber Pool and the like.

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When you select it, you'll be matched with a driver who has opted in, meaning they're more than happy to take you and your beloved pet where you need to go.

Before this service was available, desperate pet owners would call their Uber drivers to ask if it was okay. I know this because I once caught an Uber pool with a pug having a panic attack -- that's an experience you never forget.

During the trial, it will cost you an additional $6 or $7 on top of your regular ride fee. If all goes well, Uber Pets will be rolled out all over the country.



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Note that if you're travelling with a service animal, you can continue select the regular Uber option as they're legally allowed to stay by your side wherever you go.

For a few more dollars and a bit more slobber, you and your furry friend can get around town in style.

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