Cute Or Cruel? The Fruit Snack Challenge Is Dividing Parents

Let's be honest, babies doing cute things is a tale as old as time.

And when we find ourselves in self isolation along with said babies, sometimes parents will jump on an internet trend to keep themselves entertained.

Please enter: the Fruit Snack Challenge.

You may have seen it doing the rounds but what exactly is it? Well the Fruit Snack Challenge involves putting a snack or treat in front of a child and then comes the catch.

The parent will tell the child they have to leave the room and when they come back, they can enjoy the snack.

All the while the camera phones are rolling, capturing the impending cuteness of the baby waiting for their treat.



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The internet fodder has been gaining in popularity with videos participating in the challenge attracting millions of views across social media platforms including TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Mostly recently, Kylie Jenner took part in the challenge with her adorable daughter Stormi Webster, who went surprisingly well.

(I mean, not all adults can even resist a snack placed in front of them).

But while many find the challenge adorable and harmless, others have suggested making babies participate could be cruel and send a poor message about instant gratification.

You see, the Fruit Snack Challenge isn't entirely new. It's a modern take on the Marshmallow Test, first conducted in 1972 by psychologist Walter Mischel.

Basically how it goes is a child is presented with a marshmallow but if they wait, they are told they can have two marshmallows instead of one.



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It was invented to test the idea of instant gratification in children under the age of five and was thought to be an indicator of potential drug use in adulthood...

"It's like a little window into willpower," Mischel said in a video shared by CBS News.

What we found is a very simple and direct way of measuring a competence that seems to make an important life difference.

The longer they were able to wait at age 4, the better the ratings of their ability to control themselves and to pursue their academic and other goals."

However, a 2018 study found the test to be flawed, pointing out that it was unlikely a child's character could be predicted at such a young age. Go figure.

It's from these roots that a number of parents have questioned whether or not making a child participate in the modern Fruit Snack Challenge is the right way to go.

Writer Marnie Shure penned an article on the topic titled 'Is the “Fruit Snack Challenge” any way to treat a kid?' In it, she argues it's more about acting cute for an audience of internet strangers and gaining views that a test in delayed gratification.



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"It’s not a lesson in delayed gratification, or self-control, or listening to authority figures -- it’s a reminder that if you act cute enough, you’ll be rewarded with both fruit snacks and an audience of internet strangers," Shure wrote.

So much like the challenge involving throwing cheese at a baby's head to see if it sticks (remember that one?), we'll leave you to decide if it's just a bit of internet fun or something more sinister.

Featured image: Instagram

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