The Internet Just Discovered Who 'Hoot' Is, And It's Very Pleased

The young man behind the owl has hearts aflutter.

If you ever want to ruffle feathers at a Mothers Group, all you need to do is mention Jimmy Giggle. As far as popular mum crushes go, the children's entertainer is right up there with Captain Feathersword and the animated dad dog from 'Bluey'.

But Jimmy Giggle (formally known as Jimmy Rees, informally known as Jimmy Sizzle) may have to step aside for this one. Because TikTok has discovered the voice actor who plays Hoot on the hit kids show 'Giggle and Hoot', and let's just say, they're very pleased with their findings.

Behold, the man behind the owl. Image: 'Giggle and Hoot'

His name is David Simes, and he's a Melbourne-based performer in his mid twenties. Simes has clearly used his time in quarantine to dive headfirst into TikTok, and in a few short weeks, his account has garnered thousands of followers.

Gen Z are finding it impossible to believe a face like that could be hiding behind those owl eyes, and their reactions will have you in stitches.

An Aussie 20-year-old has stumbled across Simes on TikTok, and recorded her hilarious reaction to the news that the handsome actor moonlights as an owl on a green screen.

Pointing between photos of David Simes and an animated owl, she shouts incredulously: "You're gonna tell me that this man is also this man?... THIS man?"

@jimmyreesCORRECT!! ##hoot ##jimmygiggle ##giggleandhoot ##duet with @pquilly @david.simes♬ original sound - pquilly

Jimmy Rees then filmed a video of his own, confirming the young woman's discovery. "Correct!," he wrote, adding a photo of Simes dressed head-to-toe in a green screen suit.



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The comment sections on the videos are teaming with cheeky comments and every pun under the sun.

"That face is too good looking to be hiding behind a puppet."

"May the talent gods who saw beyond his looks be blessed. Amen."

Giggle and Hoot?? More like Giggle and HOT!

Early this year, 'Giggle and Hoot' wrapped up production after a successful 10 years of episodes.

Pre-pandemic, David Simes was in the midst of performing in the Melbourne cast of 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child'.

Judging by the fanfare on TikTok, David Simes is starting to give Jimmy Rees a run for his money.

It appears that wherever Giggle and Hoot go, a swarm of swooning adult fans aren't too far behind.

Featured Image: 'Giggle and Hoot'/Instagram

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