An Aussie Orchestra Has Performed 'Baby Shark' On Zoom And It's A Pleasant Nightmare

Just when you thought you were finally free of 'Baby Shark', the Queensland Symphony Orchestra are here to put drill it right back into your brain.

The QSO have come together over Zoom to perform the smash hit kids song that sent the internet abuzz back in 2017.

From the comfort of their homes, the classical musicians united over one video call for the sweetest rendition of that wretched ear worm you've ever heard.

The video begins in black and white, as that foreboding and ever iconic 'dun dun' of the 'JAWS' theme swirls underneath. Then suddenly, everything springs to life.

It's certainly not your usual Queensland shark sighting. Image: Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Colourfully dressed musicians dive into 'Baby Shark' as conductor Guy Noble swans away in the centre wearing a very Scomo-esque Hawaiian shirt.

You can check out the lovely video above. It's a joy to watch, and a whole lot more pleasant than hearing your niece scream the song for the seventh time in a row across the dinner table.



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The catchy performance is the latest move from the QSO as they continue to bring music to the people in whatever way they can through the pandemic.

Last month they launched 'Orchestra Over The Fence', a YouTube series where they had two musicians perform alongside each other, with a catch -- there was a fence right down the middle. Because in 2020, social distancing is the hottest music trend.

According to Craig Whitehead, Chief Executive of the QSO, the orchestra are focused on taking their talents to the web. He said, "we are an Orchestra for all of Queensland -- and it breaks our hearts that we can’t perform for our beloved Queenslanders right now."

If we're trapped in iso for too long, this memorable performance of 'Baby Shark' (doo doo doo doo doo doo) may very well spark a whole new direction for the Symphony.

Perhaps we'll catch Mozart-meets-Crazy Frog next, or some toot toot chugga chugga Big Red Bach?

Featured Image: YouTube/Supplied

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