Victoria Beckham Slammed Over Harper Wearing School Uniform At Home

Victoria Beckham has been dragged through the mud on social media after sharing a photo of her eight-year-old daughter wearing her school uniform.

Like many young families around the world, the Beckhams have been tasked with guiding their children through online classes as they learn from home.

It's a complicated, unprecedented mission, so there's no real rule book for the 'perfect' way to homeschool. But that doesn't mean people are holding back their judgement.



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Harper Seven Beckham -- David and Victoria Beckham's youngest child -- continues to wear her school uniform despite not leaving the house, and people are furious.

Victoria took to Instagram to share with her 28 million followers a photo of her only daughter reading a book next to their cocker spaniel, hashtagging #HomeschoolDay and adding the caption: "Afternoon reading with Olive xx."

Only a slither of Harper's burgundy gingham school dress was on display, but it was enough to spark a heated debate about what is and isn't the correct way to parent.

"Uniform at home?" asked one critic, peppering in a couple of disapproving emojis. Another told the former Spice Girl to "get over" herself.

A troll called the famous Brits an "attention seeking family", and accused Victoria of over-exposing her kids to the public.

In and amongst the hatful comments, a number of fellow parents jumped to Victoria's defence with their own opinions on homeschooling and uniforms.

Victoria Beckham and her eight-year-old daughter Harper Seven. Image: Instagram

"The point is to separate school from lounging about," said one fan, citing that the tactic is all about self discipline. "They're not robots, the poor things," another commenter fired right back.

"The children in my class wear their school uniform while at home too," added a teacher.

Others commended eight-year-old Harper on reading, despite how much access today's kids have to technology: "So good to see a kid read an actual book rather than be on a device."



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Teachers and schools are working tirelessly to help students get their education through the crisis.

But when it comes to the tactics of individual parents, things are of course going to be a little scattered. Parenting through a pandemic is uncharted territory for everyone.

Featured Image: Instagram

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