Yellow Wiggle Emma Is Hosting A Virtual Party For The Kids Who Had Birthdays In Iso

Is there any situation The Wiggles can't fix?

Apparently not, because Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins is taking it upon herself to brighten the birthdays of the Australian children who missed out on a party due to the social gathering restrictions brought in to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Approximately 700,000 children aged under six had a birthday between now and March when the restriction came into place, according to ABS data. And while a number of parents have done as much as they can to make the day special, Emma wants them to know they haven't been forgotten.

“Who doesn’t love a children's party? Together we can make this the biggest party ever! Can’t wait to see you all there!” said Emma.

The virtual birthday party is an initiative from Best & Less and will be held on Saturday 16 May, at 11am AEST. It will include interactive games, surprises, songs and more.

Amelia Phillips, whose son Angus turned four on Friday told 10 daily it was hard not being able to celebrate his birthday in the way that they normally would, especially since it's the first year he understands what it really means.

"You want them to feel special and that usually involves a party, a special destination or a meal out," she said. 

"With all of those things off the table, I have been really stuck deciding what to do that will make him feel so very special." 

Amelia said Angus had been talking about his birthday for two months and really wanted a Batman-themed party at a nearby trampoline centre with 20 or so of his friends.

"He was so disappointed when learning no trampoline and no party, so I've had to be more creative to make it special (like Batman plates and a pretend party at home)," she told 10 daily.



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Another surprise Amelia told Angus about on Friday was the virtual birthday party hosted by 'Emma Wiggle'.

"All kids deserve to feel special on their birthday because their little minds don't fully grasp why they can't have a party," Amelia said.

"He thinks Emma Wiggle is throwing a virtual party just for him, and I'm running with that! It really has lifted his spirits and selfishly I'm thankful that its no extra work for me!"

To attend the event, parents must register on the Best & Less website by 10 May.

Featured image: Instagram 

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