'They'll Come Out Behind': Chris Hemsworth Is 'Failing Miserably' At Homeschooling His Kids

Chris Hemsworth says he has made peace with the fact that his kids are "going to come out of this quarantine a little behind."

Like many Aussie parents right now, Chris has taken on the challenge that is homeschooling your kids through the pandemic. And like the best of us, he has accepted the fact that he is "failing miserably."

The megastar appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' via video call to confess that he and his wife Elsa Pataky are not quite cut out for the life of a primary school teacher.

Chris Hemsworth got real about parenting through the pandemic. Image: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

"I’m trying. I’m failing miserably," said the 'Thor' star.

It’s sort of four or five hours of negotiation and bribery and then maybe 20 minutes of actual work, if that.

Elsa and Chris are spending self isolation in their $20 million Byron Bay mansion with their three children, daughter India (seven), and twins sons Sasha and Tristan (six).

It's been a long time since the 36-year-old himself was in primary school, and he said he can't believe how much the curriculum has changed.

"Everything’s changed since I was in school," he said. "The adding, and subtracting, and so on -- it’s not quite as straight-forward now."

There’s all these new little tricks and so on, which I don’t understand. So, good luck with me teaching my kids.

It takes three to four years to become a qualified school teacher in Australia, so the actor was hardly going to nail it. Luckily, Chris seems very comfortable with his shortfalls.



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Hamish Blake has delighted many Aussies with his hilariously relatable parenting conundrums, but he's been told his behaviour is offensive to teachers.

"I’m just relaxed in the idea that they’re going to come out of this quarantine, you know, IQ a bit under par, a little behind,” he laughed.

Chris' parenting conundrums may be super relatable, but his isolation situation is a little less so... Aside from a personal gym and rooftop infinity pool, there is another thing the Hemsworths have that most Aussie's don't -- a surplus of toilet paper.

"My wife was ordering a box of toilet paper like three months ago and thought it was 15 rolls, and ordered 15 boxes. So unintentionally we're stocked," he laughed.

Homeschooling is tricky for everyone, but by all reports, things are looking pretty sweet in Hemsworth Land.

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