The Wiggles' New Song About Social Distancing Is A Saviour For Parents

The Wiggles have come to the rescue.

The Wiggles -- Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Price and Emma Watkins -- have released a new song for children as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds in Australia.

The video is about social distancing and if you're a parent who has struggled to explain to your young children what is happening, it couldn't have come at a better time.

In a teaser video posted days prior, Blue Wiggle Anthony Field explained the song came after a number of requests from fans.

"Social distancing in reality for children means we can't go visit Grandma or Grandpa, can't go have a birthday party or bring my friends in for a party or for a play date," he said.

"We thought, we'll explain... the positives of it which means Nana's going to stay safe and well."

The song, which is titled 'Social Distancing', touches on a number of relevant themes including the benefits of self isolation, why we need to encourage social distancing and the important of practicing good personal hygiene, such as washing our hands.

"Why can't we go to Nana's place?/We're staying at home to keep Nana safe," The Wiggles sing.

"What can we do to make her feel better?/Video call or write her a letter."

The members of the popular children's group either appear on screen alone or when they appear near each other, they always keep their distance, putting their arms out to the site as a guide.

"Social distancing/Staying home to help the world/Social distancing/Keeping safe all the boys and girls," the chorus sings.



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"When you wash the germs to zero/You become a handwashing hero."

The song doesn't appear to be on their latest album, which was released last week, with the song being shared as a one off given the current situation in Australia.

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