The Sweet Reasons Teddy Bears Are Popping Up In Australian Windows

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, Aussies are placing teddy bears in their windows to brighten the days of local children.

Abiding by the rules of the shutdown means we must all make sacrifices, giving up many of the activities that we enjoy.

One thing that is still permitted, so long as social distancing guidelines are applied, are walks of the neighbourhood. And fortunately for all of us, they're set to get all the more lovely.

Take a stroll through your neighbourhood and you may very well spot a bear or two tucked behind a window or plonked on a balcony.

Keep your eyes open. Image: Facebook

'Bear Hunt Trails' are popping up everywhere, and they're a visual reminder that even amongst the chaos and the calamity, there is always joy.

By placing a bear on your property that can be seen from the street, you're taking part in heartwarming initiative that is sweeping the suburbs of not only Australia, but all around the world.



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The lucky children of New Zealand may even be able to spot a teddy in their Prime Minister's window in Auckland. Clarke Gayford, entertainer and fiance to Jacinda Ardern, has popped two bears in the window of Premier House.

Image: Supplied

Children are encouraged to wander the streets with their families, spotting the bears and counting them as they go along. It's all in the hope of injecting a little bit of light into what is becoming an increasingly bleak and uncertain situation.

One Aussie neighbourhood leading the charge is Lane Cove, in Sydney's Lower North Shore. Locals are sharing their own bear hunt finds to their community Facebook group, ITC Lance Cove Chat, and encouraging their neighbours to get in on the fun.

Well hello. Image: Facebook

In a number of threads, group members are posting their very best bear hunts. There's pooh bears, plush puppies, and of course, a couple of particularly cautious bears wearing surgical masks.

Safety first. Image: Facebook

It's a simple gesture of kindness and solidarity. By doing something as easy as placing a bear on a windowsill, we could be providing local kids with hours of fun.

Hopefully soon, our streets will be brimming with bears.

Featured Image: Facebook

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