The Clever Hack That'll Convince Your Kids To Wash Their Hands

We know as adults that to stop the spread of coronavirus, we need to practice exceptional hygiene.

That includes washing your hands more than you probably ever have in your entire life. But how do you communicate this urgency to children?

If you're a parent, it's probably on the same difficulty level as getting your child to brush their teeth or pick up their clothes. Yet with the help of a clever hand washing hack, it doesn't have to be.



The Daily Schedule Going Viral As Parents Choose To Keep Kids At Home

While Australian schools are yet to be closed due to coronavirus, many parents are still choosing to take precautionary measures if they're able to.

While Australian schools remain open despite much of the workforce taking part in self isolation and working from home to reduce the spread of COVID-19, some parents who have the means are still choosing to keep their kids at home with them.

We bet after trying this you'll never need to ask them to wash their hands again. Image: Supplied

Many of which are introducing daily routines and schedules to ensure their child's day remains as normal as possible.

According to Dr. Sophie Bellenis is a Licensed Occupational Therapist in the US, creating positive and productive environments in the home is key to ensuring children are thriving while there is a disruption to their regular routine.

Dr Bellenis further recommends the following if you are keeping children at home:

  • Ensure you are creating a structured day as children thrive on routine. Request work from classroom teachers for children to complete at home if possible.
  • Schedule in recess, lunch and time to play to ensure they have time to relax and have fun.
  • Use screens wisely and ensure they are using them for educational activities as well as entertainment.
  • Make sure your children are still moving by incorporating indoor exercise or allowing them to play in the backyard.
  • Use the opportunity to teach life skills around the home such as washing, cooking and cleaning.

Speaking to the last point, the hand washing hack is a great way to teach basic hygiene principles in the home. And all you need is a plate, water, some ground pepper and soap or hand wash.

To find out exactly how, watch the video above.

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