What Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Do After They Fight In Front Of Their Kids

Even power couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard fight in front of their children, but it's what they do afterwards that makes them such incredible parents.

The celebrity couple have been married since October 2013, and together they share two young daughters, Lincoln (six), and Delta (five).

While they're cautious not to share photos of their children, they do often open up about the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

The famous pair have given us little pearls of their parenting wisdom before, like the time Kristen recorded the moment Dax "brilliantly" explained to their young daughter about why she wasn't allowed to use swear words.



Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Expertly Handle Awkward Parenting Moment

Kristen Bell has praised her husband Dax Shepard for "brilliantly" navigating one of parenting's most cringe-worthy conversations.

And now, the 39-year-old actress has spoken candidly about how she and her husband navigate the complicated hurdle that is fighting with your family.

Recently appearing on The Motherly Podcast, Kristen commended her 45-year-old husband for coming up with a clever trick for conflict resolution.

She explained that the pair tap into their acting skills to "role-play" in front of their children, in order to show them the resolution to an argument.

As all parents know, kids can sense when something isn't right. And Dax was concerned that when he and Kristen apologise and make up privately, their children don't get to see that.

"We'll come home, we'll be tense with each other, we'll snap at each other in the kitchen -- not realising they're witnessing it," said Kristen on the podcast.

"We put them to bed, we go into the bedroom, and just privately we'll say, 'God, I'm sorry I snapped at you, I've had a really tough day.'"

Kristen said that she and her husband now have a parenting pact.

So [Dax] said, let's make a deal that whenever we make up behind closed doors, that we role-play the next morning.

"Every time we're testy with each other, the next morning I'll say, 'Good morning, Daddy -- I just wanted to say, last night, I had a really long day and I'm sorry that I snapped at you about, you know, not having the dinner that you wanted'.

And he would say, 'Yeah, Mummy, you're right, I had a hard day too, and I'm really sorry.' And then we physically kiss and hug.

The 'Frozen' star also revealed that the hit Disney franchise inspired a family philosophy that she lives by.

Kristen said that due to her anxiety, decision-making for the long-term can overwhelm her. So taking a leaf out of her character's lyric book (who sings the song 'The Next Right Thing'), she takes every decision one step a time.

"All the decisions don't need to be made right now, you just need to do the next right thing."

She said that her husband has found a different approach that works for him.

It would probably have to do with his sobriety -- of analysing himself. He talks a lot about, 'the only person you need to compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday'.

Dax has been very open about his previous battles with addiction and substance abuse, and has been sober since 2004.



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"The most annoying part about my husband is that he's usually right and his parenting tips are golden," Kristen joked. "Even though I'm the one that reads all the parenting books -- truly I've read 25 parenting books!"

Whether their tips come from Kristen's books or Dax's inner wisdom, this celebrity couple is a parenting goldmine.

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