All The Subtle (And Totally Obvious) Tricks Katy Perry Used To Hide Her Baby Bump

Last week, pop sensation Katy Perry revealed that she has been concealing her pregnancy for months.

The 35-year-old confirmed the news that she and her fiance Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child during an Instagram live video.

“Let’s call it a reveal -- there’s a lot that will be happening me this summer. Not only will I be giving birth -- literally,” she said, panning the camera down to her belly.

“Go watch the music video to watch what’s very true,” she added, pointing fans towards the video for her latest track 'Never Worn White'.



Katy Perry Confirms She's Expecting Her First Child With Orlando Bloom

The singer has confirmed she is indeed pregnant, following speculation after she released a teaser to her new music video.

In the video, the superstar cradles her baby bump while wearing a long white dress, singing lyrics like, "at the end of it all, I choose you and you choose me."

"It's probably the longest secret I've ever had to keep," she said in the Instagram live video. "I had to reveal it at some point. It's getting pretty obvious."

Katy also shared a number of clever tactics she's employed in order to conceal her pregnancy for so long.

Taking to Twitter with her notorious tongue-in-cheek sense of humour, Katy made little quips about no longer needing to hide her bump.

The"big purse" is the oldest trick in the book. But the funny thing is, she wasn't even joking.

One glance over all of her recent public appearances shows that the 'Firework' singer did indeed have a purse in front of her tum at all times.

Katy Perry in February. Image: Getty

That, or her arms were crossed in front of her stomach. Even when posing alongside Prince Charles.

Then, of course, there were intentionally oversized silhouettes.

Images: Getty

Perhaps the most obvious in retrospect was the yellow gown she wore back in December.

The bedazzled frock had a big bow over the bust, and front pockets right in front of the tummy. This one was so obvious that we're now wondering if Katy has been trolling us with little clues.

Image: Getty

Katy likely had time to plan her outfits with her styling team too, given her pregnancy was planned.

“Well, it wasn’t an accident. It was like, you know, I’m so grateful for everything that I have been able to do and achieve and all the goals I’ve been able to kinda check off my list, and dreams, in the life I’ve lived thus far," Katy said during an interview with SiriusXM’s Mikey Piff.

"I think I’ve just been trying to create this space in my own life where I’m not running myself too ragged and, like, creating space for something new to happen like this.”

The fact that the famous pair managed to keep their baby news under wraps for so long, however, is probably a good thing.



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Especially given the sad reality that typically, we're quick to point the pregnancy finger every time a celebrity exhibits any signs of a normal belly.

Orlando recently acknowledged Katy's pregnancy for the first time, in a cheeky play on words on his Instagram account.

"My baby is blooming," he wrote alongside a photo of her pregnant fiancee.

Katy also recently shared she's hoping for a baby girl during the Women’s Cricket World Cup Final in Melbourne over the weekend. "I hope it's a girl," she told the crowd.

Katy Perry is clearly ecstatic to be expecting. And we're very excited for the happy couple.

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