'A Genuine Life Highlight': Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake Are Joining The Cast Of 'Bluey'

Husband and wife duo Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake are lending their famous voices to the latest season of 'Bluey'.

The ABC children's program is a distinctly Aussie show with incredible international appeal. So it's little surprise the upcoming season will be welcoming our country's veritable royal family -- the Foster Blakes.

The ABC announced on Wednesday that skincare mogul and author Zoë and her comedian husband Hamish, will each play two different characters in the forthcoming episodes.

"Bluey is by FAR the most loved and watched TV show in our house. It is so clever and funny, and full of heart," Zoë wrote on her Instagram story, following the announcement.

Also, if I'm honest, it makes me want to be a more imaginative, playful parent.

The Aussie celeb and mother of two called her family's involvement in the show, "a genuine life highlight."



'He Doesn't Piss In My Pocket': Zoë Foster Blake On Her Marriage To Hamish

Zoë Foster Blake has spoken candidly about her marriage to Hamish Blake, giving us a glimpse inside one of the country's cutest couples.

A preview of the couple's cameo gave us our first glimpse of their characters, two jack russell terriers who are parents to Jack, a little dog with a very important story to tell.

Jack is a young pup who “can’t sit still or remember anything” -- whose inclusion in the show has been praised for its positive representation of children with attention deficit issues.

"Why can't you do what you're told?" Jack's little sister asks him.

"I don't know," he replies.

The celebrity couple are guest starring as jack russell terriers. Image: 'Bluey'

Fans of 'Bluey' are commending the program for including a "neuro-diverse character" in order to give many children with conditions like ADHD someone they can relate to.

"Being able to see themselves in a positive light and realise that being 'different' from their peers can be hard, but it can be really awesome too!" a fan wrote on Facebook.

"And especially watching them realise that they can still amount to greatness."

The program has long been praised for its approach to representation and breaking down norms and stereotypes -- especially in regards to its protagonist's family dynamic.



The Dad From 'Bluey' Has Been Named Father Of The Year

Everyone's favourite TV dad has rightfully been named Father Of The Year.

Lead character Bluey, a six-year-old blue heeler, is in fact, a girl dog -- something I myself didn't realise until I was corrected by five-year-old cousin.

"Bluey's a girl? That's amazing!" I said to him. He shrugged  back at me, which is possibly the very best thing he could have done -- because thanks to programs like 'Bluey', children's characters no longer adhere so starkly to gender stereotypes.

With an Emmy nomination under its belt and a legion of fans from both Australia and across the globe, 'Bluey' continues to go from strength to strength.

And with the addition of the Foster Blakes to it's credit roll, it's quickly becoming our country's pride and joy.

Featured Image: Instagram/'Bluey'

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