The Confusion Around Jesinta And Buddy Franklin's Baby Name

On Tuesday, news broke that model Jesinta Franklin (née Campbell) and her husband, AFL player Lance 'Buddy' Franklin welcomed their first child.

The famous pair chose to share the exciting news through their spokesperson, who told The Daily Telegraph: “Jesinta and Lance are thrilled to announce the arrival of their beautiful baby daughter, Tullulah Franklin."

“They are both absolutely besotted with her."



Jesinta And Buddy Franklin Welcome Baby Girl

Model Jesinta Franklin has given birth to her first child with husband, AFL star, Lance 'Buddy' Franklin.

However there has since been confusion over the spelling of their daughter's name, who was born on Sunday.

Their baby daughter's name has widely been spelled across online publications with the letter 'A' as its second letter instead of the letter 'U', having been spelled 'Tallulah' instead of 'Tullulah'.

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A number of news bulletins further used the incorrect spelling of the name as well as fans sharing their congratulations online.

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While websites have gradually been updating their pieces to the correct spelling, Jesinta, 28, shared a screenshot to her Instagram account last night, clearing up any confusion over the spelling of their daughter's name.

Jesinta Franklin's birth announcement on Instagram. Image: Instagram

This version of the name is a more unique choice, with 'Tallulah' being ranked in position #682 in terms of popularity in 2020 -- with the name meaning 'leaping water' -- according to

It has gradually been growing in popularity over the last 10 years, with 2020 being the first time it was recorded in the top 1,000, as per the US data.


Australian parents are increasingly opting for unique baby names for their children, with the 2019 McCrindle Australian Baby Names Report stating there has been a drastic drop of some baby names that were previously among some of the most popular.

This decision is both in terms of taking traditional names and spelling them in a less common way or using names that do not appear prominently in the 'most popular' lists.

Valentina Todoroska


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"Compared to previous decades, parents in the 2010s have been opting for more creative choices for their children’s name," McCrindle reported.

"This is evident when looking back just one generation when the first-time mothers of today (average 31 years old) were born."

In 1987, 22 percent of babies born in NSW were given one of the top 10 baby names, with today, only 10 percent of babies being given one of the top 10 names.

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