'Venus Retrograde' Has Just Begun And It's Coming For Your Relationships

Venus retrograde has kicked off this week, and we hate to say it but you should expect even more things in your life to go awry.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Mercury retrograde was a comfortable excuse for anything and everything.

Late for a dinner date? Mercury is in retrograde.

Car won't start? Mercury is in retrograde.

It was the go-to justification behind absolutely any obstacle or conundrum given Mercury is in charge of messages, travel and commerce.

These days, it's hard to believe we could ever need anything other than coronavirus to blame things on.



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But just in case your global heath crisis-related excuses have begun wearing thin, Mercury's cousin has arrived to wreak even more havoc.

Venus is in retrograde from May 13 to June 25, and you'd best get out of its warpath.

Speaking to 10 daily, Australia's leading transformational therapist Teymara Antonio-Wright explains the astrological phenomenon, and the impact it will have on your life.

What is Venus retrograde?

All planets go into retrograde at one point or another but the impact depends on what the planet represents. Venus, in particular, is in charge of romance and lust.

"The way an individual experiences these times depends on how clear they are of negative blocks held in their neurological pathways," said Teymara.

"When we deal with planet Venus, we are looking at the emotional and relationship aspects of a individual's life, including the relationship one has with one’s self."

How will Venus retrograde impact my life?

Braving through self isolation has proved to be an extraordinarily difficult test for our social connections and relationships. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this is exactly the area Venus retrograde is most concerned with.

Unless you're actively working to address unresolved issues, Teymara says that this period could have a significant impact on your social life.

"New relationships can form and other relationships can end," she explained.

However, if the individual doesn't understand they will keep manifesting the same issues in a relationship until they heal themselves, they will stay on the unresolved relationship merry-go-round until they are prepared to face their demons.

You can come out the other side of Venus retrograde with strong connections, but you must pay attention to what Teymara calls "the message."

"The message its sending the individual is ‘unless you heal from your past hurts, you will continue to bleed all over people who weren’t responsible for cutting you in the first place.'"

Teymara believes Venus retrograde is a time to reflect on our relationships with ourselves too. Image: Teymara Antonio-Wright

What should you do during Venus retrograde?

If you brace yourself correctly, the next few weeks may provide you with a much-needed opportunity to maintain and mend relationships.

"If an individual is clear of negative blocks, then, when Venus is in retrograde one will find themselves in a position of reassessing all of their relationships past and present," Teymara said.

"In so doing they will find themselves in a better position to make more positive decisions and choices covering all relationships in their lives."

Now's probably not the best time for any sort of retrograde, but here we are. Image: '10 Things I Hate About You'

What shouldn't you do during Venus retrograde?

On the flip side, if you have unresolved issues and 'play the blame game', Teymara warns this will be a challenging time.

"Whatever is unresolved will surface," she said.

"This is giving the individual an opportunity to take a long hard look at themselves and start taking responsibility for what they have created (pulled into their lives) and do something about healing that part of themselves."



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Have you butted heads with a colleague this week? Gotten into a fight with your sibling over almost nothing? You're not the only one.

Unlike Mercury retrograde, Venus retrograde won't take a sledgehammer to your finances or your travel plans (although, if we're being honest, the pandemic has quashed all hope there anyway).

But this is a very important time to consider the importance of the relationships in your life. If ever there was a time to mend fences or burn bridges, it's right now.

Featured Image: '10 Things I Hate About You'

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