Now's The Time To Take The Shockingly Accurate 'Birthday Party Personality Quiz'

In just four quick questions, the latest viral personality quiz will expose your best (and worst) attributes.

The 'Birthday Party Personality Test' is easy, quick, and straight up soul-baring.

Introduced by TikToker Ethan Davitt, the quiz will give you two words that describe you to a tee, deduced entirely by your attitudes towards birthday celebrations. You can watch the video above where he deciphers what your spot on the matrix says about you.

In the TikTok, Davitt calls it "the most exact personality test out there" and talks through each of the four questions. All you need to do is cast your mind back to a pre-COVID world where birthday parties were not only common, they were common enough to resent. Ah, those were the days.

SS: There are 54 possible combinations, which one are you? Image: TikTok

To come up with your first word, you must figure out how you feel about your own birthday.

Answer the first two questions:

  • If you have no birthday plans, do you... not care, are you secretly upset, or are you noticeably upset?
  • If you have to have a party, would you want to... be surprised, know someone else is planning it, or plan it yourself?

In the chart originally from the video, an adjective is prescribed to each box. The box that falls at the cross section of your answers to both question one and question two will give you an adjective that best describes you.

"It's going to feel negative," said Davitt, "but don't worry because the next one is going to be positive."

Find the cross section between your two answers, the word in red is your first descriptor. Image: 10 daily

To come up with your second word, take a look at how you feel about other people's birthdays.

Answer the second two questions: 

  • What kind of birthday celebration would you rather go to... a chill hangout, a party, or an activity?
  • Are you the one who... plans birthday parties for your friends, or do you just attend?

Once again, you'll find a word in a box that sits at the cross section between both of your answers. This time, it's a lot more positive.

Find the cross section between your two answers, the word in red is your second descriptor. Image: 10 daily

Together, your two little words will paint a wickedly accurate picture of your overall personality. It can be brutal, but it leaves other popular personality tests in the dust.

So you're an Aries? Boring. You're an ENFP? Pfft, whatever that means... What we really want to know is whether you're an insecure organiser, or an independent leader -- now that's the real tell.

Featured Image: 'Marie Antoinette'/10 daily

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