All The Hidden Tributes Bindi Irwin Made To Her Parents In Her Wedding Dress

Bindi Irwin's recent wedding was brimming with nods to her late father, Steve Irwin.

From the sleeves on the dress, to the strawberries in the cake, it was a wedding sparkling with significance.

Bindi Irwin (21) married her husband Chandler Powell (23) on March 25 at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast. And in the week following the wedding, the couple has let us in on some of the most touching elements of their big day.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Bindi revealed that her wedding dress was chosen to honour her mother Terri and her father Steve, who tragically passed away in 2006, when his daughter was only eight years old.

Her gown was inspired by the one her mother wore when she married the Crocodile Hunter, back in 1992.

"I wanted something very similar because I’ve admired [my mum’s] dress since I was tiny," she told PEOPLE.

When I was about 12 years old, I put on mum’s wedding dress and it was a really, really special… it’s over 50 years old because it’s been in the family for that long.

Bindi found a dress that was strikingly similar to her mothers', and it was made all the more important by the subtle message in the material.



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The long sleeves were made of lace embroidered with tiny sunflowers -- a nod to her childhood.

When we would go on projects and drives together, we’d often drive through these huge sunflower fields in the middle of nowhere and we always stopped to take them in.

She continued, "[The dress] was really special and beautiful."

Steve's presence was felt throughout the entire ceremony, which took place only hours before tough new coronavirus restrictions on weddings were enforced.

A photo of Steve was rested on an easel, and placed beside Terri and Bindi's younger brother, Robert (16). They all took a moment to light a candle for him.

The young couple's nuptials also included several hidden nods to Chandler's family and childhood.

The American wake-boarder grew up in Florida, often nicknamed the strawberry capital of the world. This is why the couple chose a cake that looked like a tree stump, and tasted like vanilla and strawberries.



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Chandler and Bindi's wedding may have been a race against the lock to tie the knot before Australia went into shutdown, but the couple and their family managed to pull off a wedding that was not only beautiful, but extremely significant and heartfelt.

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