Spare A Thought For Your Outgoing Aries Mate Whose Birthday Was Stolen By Coronavirus

The out-going, attention-seeking zodiac sign are the first to experience their birthdays in isolation, and hoo boy, it's not going well.

As you take a moment to check in on your colleagues and loved ones during these trying times, consider also reaching out to your mate with a March/April date of birth. Because they're an Aries, and they're almost definitely having a crisis of conscience right now.

You see, social distancing is tough on all of us. But it's particularly tough on those amongst us who feed off of the energy and attention of others -- also known as, the rambunctious little rams we call Aries.

Born between March 21 and April 20, we're the first on the Zodiac calendar. And sadly now, we're also the first to experience our birthdays under the tough new partial shutdown and social distancing measures.

While a Capricorn might relish the opportunity to cancel their plans to get cracking on their important to-do list, or an Aquarius would rather a night in to themselves , you'll seldom find a sign that struggles more with a birthday in solitude than Aries.



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As fire signs, we're competitive and confident leaders. Fortunately, Aries aren't big planners, preferring to chase whims and last minute urges. But we do tend to drag others along with us on our crazy adventures. Sadly, these crazy adventures have been stopped in their tracks.

As an Aries myself, I'm scrambling to find ideas to celebrate my birthday in a way that both satiates my need for attention, all while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Here's how to throw a distinctly Aries birthday in the year 2020:

Challenge your mates to online games

We're competitive to a fault and extremely stubborn, but it's our party and we'll win if we want to! Challenge your friends to online games.

Whether you've got a Nintendo Switch or just Facebook Messenger, there are a number of games out there you can play with your friends in real time (and beat them, naturally).

Bake a three-course meal for one

Aries operate in short but powerful bursts of energy. And we never do anything by halves. Throw yourself a fancy dinner party for one because somebody's going to have to.

Start the moment you get the urge to, if you procrastinate even a little your mind will trail off and you'll start dreaming up your next big project.

Despite your most determined efforts, if you can't eat all the food, be sure to preserve it for those rare but important days when you need to recharge your energy.

Go Instagram Live

Individually communicating with the ones you love is amateur hour. If we want to squeeze in maximum birthday attention, we need to pull out the big guns.

Go Instagram live on your birthday and babble away about anything on your mind. Your friends and family can speak to you through the chat function, likely showering you with praise and commending you on your boldness to use the illusive 'live' function.

Plus, everyone who follows you will get a notification. If that doesn't get the happy birthday messages streaming in thick and fast, I don't know what will.

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