A Couple Got Married On The Street While Their Friend Officiated Through A Window

Newlyweds Reilly and Amanda spent their big day shouting their love from the rooftops -- literally.

Like many around the world, New Yorkers Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler have already began to face the financial and emotional consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple, set to wed in October, were disheartened to hear that their city's marriage bureau was to shut down, dashing their hopes to soon tie the knot.

"The reality of that happening in our current climate seemed slim," Jennings wrote on Instagram. "Amanda’s business closed and everything has just blown up."

Fortunately, a quick-thinking friend with an unorthodox plan swept in to make the couple's big day not only possible, but absolutely unforgettable.

Their friend, Matt Wilson, told the two women he was ordained, and could marry them right then and there. So they dashed to the front of his apartment block and had the kind of wedding that will go down in history as distinctly 2020.



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The pair married on the street as their loved ones watched on from a nearby car. And the entire ceremony was officiated by Wilson, who yelled his lines from his fourth-storey flat. The video is hilarious and heartwarming, and you can watch it at the top of this article.

As the sound of sirens swirled in the background, Wilson shouted: "I pronounce you MARRIED!" Onlookers and friends cheered the couple on as they kissed.

The last minute ceremony is testament to the fact that anything is possible with a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking and a whole lot of love.

“What a day,” Jennings wrote alongside a photo of her wife romantically dipping her as they embraced on the street. “I’ve waited four years to call @wheelsfit my wife and this was all just the cherry on top of the love I feel everyday.”

The couple rushed straight to their wedding after work meetings. Jennings wore a long white jumpsuit with sneakers, and Wheeler wore a pair of jeans and t-shirt with a crisp black blazer.

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It's been such a joy being in Sydney for the build up to the biggest event on the LGBTIQA+ calendar.

"Amidst the uncertainty and despair we all feel right now, marrying the love of my life in the most NYC moment was perfect."

The couple's unorthodox nuptials prove that nothing, not even a global pandemic, can thwart true love. And from now on, the newlyweds are going it alone... together.

Featured Image: Instagram

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