Sex Toy Sales Are Spiking During Self-Isolation, Here's How To Have A Stimulus Package Of Your Own

The stats are in, and Aussies are clearly not letting isolation get them down -- a Sexologist recommends four ways you can experience sexual pleasure during self isolation.

According to data from sex toy company Womanizer, Australian sales have surged by 31 percent in the last two months. And we're certainly not the only land of hornbbags to turn to self pleasure in the midst of a crisis.

In Italy, now recognised as the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, sex toy sales are up by 60 percent. In the US, they've risen an astonishing 75 percent.

If these stats tell us anything, it's this -- when life gets us down, oxytocin gets us up.

Heeding the advice of health experts in these frightening times, Australians are now bunkering down and heading into lockdown and self isolation.

Naturally, things may begin to feel a little lonely while you're socially distant from other human beings. But Melbourne-based Sexologist Chantelle Otten insists that we can use this time as a veritable sex bootcamp.

"The more work that you do on yourself, the able you are to invite someone in and show them how your body likes to be worked with," Otten told 10 daily.

Unless you’re co-isolated with someone that you really enjoy and could have an intimate relationship with, we need self pleasure in this time. At the moment, it’s really about utilising our own bodies.

Think of your current situation less like a state of mandatory loneliness, and more as an opportunity to better equip yourself to make a spine-tingling re-introduction into the world of shared intimacy.

There are a number of ways you can experience sexual pleasure while in isolation, and they're a whole lot more fun than spending your days prepping canned food:

Good ol' fashioned masturbation

It's an obvious one, but it's certainly the most accessible and perhaps the most important.

"There are so many benefits to masturbation. First of all, it heightens your immune system so it is really important at this time that we get to self pleasuring," explained Otten.

It is also really good for happiness and mood. So if you’re starting to feel a little cabin feverish or stir crazy, it’s a really good way to relieve a lot of tension and release a lot of beautiful endorphins.

You can, of course, do it the acoustic way -- with your hands. But the numbers indicate that an increasing amount of Aussies are turning to sex toys, like vibrators.

If you're a bit out of practice or want to really amp it up, there are discrete online courses available to guide you. Otten herself instructs one called the Sexual Self Esteem Guide.



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Erotic reading and audio porn

We're all more than aware of online pornography, but if that doesn't work for you or you're after something much more discrete, Otten recommends erotic reading and audio porn.

"You don't actually have to engage with someone to have a really satisfactory sexual time," said Otten. She recommends Quinn and Dipsea, audio porn sites particularly focused on female pleasure.

Phone sex and sexting

Isolated doesn't have to mean solo. And whether you've pushed pause on a potential courtship, or you're hitting the dating apps tenfold, phone sex and sexting could be the best option for you.

If this is all uncharted territory, the sexologist recommends you ease in with sexting. "It's amazing what we can say over text that we can't say in person," she said.

Otten suggests you test the waters by returning to "cliche mode" -- ask a potential partner how they're feeling, or what they're wearing.

"Sext like you are teenagers," she said. "How you used to seduce each other when you weren't allowed to have sleepovers."

Dirty talk can leave the best of us a little tongue tied, and if that's the case, Otten recommends video chats.

It's time to use the video chat for something other than a conference call. Image: 'Fleabag'

"You don't to be seducing the person, but you can have what we call 'mutual masturbation'," she said.

"You don't need to go into a huge depth of language to do that, it is really about the visual imaginary and the sounds you are making through the natural process of pleasuring yourself."

Long-distance sex

An array of technology has been created with long distance couples in mind. And under the current circumstances, it could become a very popular option for all.

There are a number of sex toys on the market that connect to an app that syncs two phones together, no matter where they are in the world.

Typically, you can alter the speed or vibration of your partner's toy using your app, and communicate with them throughout the process through messaging functions.

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