DWTS Judge Tristan MacManus' Met His Now-Wife In The Most Fitting Way

The 'Dancing With The Stars' judge has been married to Aussie actress Tahyna MacManus (née Tozzi) for six years now, but it took Tristan more than just dance skills to waltz his way into his wife's heart.

The 37-year-old was working as a professional dancer on the American series of 'Dancing With The Stars' when he was introduced to his future wife, Tahyna.

"It was mutual friends from Australia that put us together," Tristan told 10 daily.

Although Tahyna was told Tristan was a professional ballroom dancer, there was something about it she couldn't believe.

She thought I was having a joke, I suppose. Maybe I don’t look particularly like a dancer?

"I’m a blender, I blend into everyone. I don’t really have any aspirations to stick out from anyone. Whereas you’d think maybe a dancer would be a bit 'wee wee'," Tristan said, flicking his hands about.

For somebody who insists he's not very 'wee wee', the man sure knows how to move.

During his time as a pro-dancer on both the US and UK version of the show, Tristan performed alongside a number of famous faces -- namely, none other than Pamela Anderson, who he was paired with the year he met Tahyna.

Despite his talents, Tristan said he's rarely one to take to the dance floor outside the rehearsal room.

"I’m not very extravagant, y’know? I’m an introverted extrovert," he said. 

I don’t dance at places or on the street and things. I dance when I dance and that’s about it.

That's why it took a couple of dates (and a whole lot of drinking) before Tahyna got to see Tristan in his element.



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"We went out for Tahyna’s birthday, we went to a salsa dancing club and I guess that was the first time I actually danced with her. So we danced together in the salsa club, we had a good crack," Tristan said.

Tristan said that before that night, she'd only seen him dance while "hammered... But that's not proper," he laughed.

Eight years and two bubs later, the couple are now based in the Shire, in Sydney's south. Despite meeting in the US, the Aussie and the Irishman knew there was only one place they wanted to settle down.

"When we decided we were having a family, we decided there was no better place than here," Tristan told 10 daily.

They now share two young children, two-year-old daughter together, Echo Isolde, and baby boy, Oisín.

Tahyna Tozzi has been a familiar face in Australian film and television for years now. In 2005, she starred as surfer girl Perri Lawe in ABC kids drama 'Blue Water High'.

Years later, Tahyna moved to Los Angeles to perform in films like 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' alongside fellow Australian, Hugh Jackman. She's now turned her attention to behind the camera, as the co-founder of the Australian Women's Film Festival.

Coming of during the height 'Blue Water High' myself, I told Tristan that growing up, his wife was my favourite person on TV.

"Well she’s my favourite person in life now too," he joked.

If Tristan and Tahyna's love story isn't enough to melt your heart, swooning over their gorgeous family happy snaps ought to do it.

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