Kanye-ing Is The Latest Dating Trend That'll Make You Want To Stay Single For Good

You'll never date a narcissist again once you learn to detect the signs of 'Kanye-ing'.

The tongue-in-cheek term is just the latest in a long list of dating trends here to help us make sense of the wild world that is modern dating.

The term is a satirical nod to Kanye West, the man who'd rather you use the word 'genius' to describe him, but 'narcissist' works all the same.

Kanye-ing is a word to describe those who dominate conversation, and unashamedly prioritise themselves and their own interests.

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Kanye -- a person who once described himself as "God's vessel" -- is on an extreme end of the egomaniac scale. But there are a number of smaller, more insidious ways you can be Kanye-d.

As an experiment, picture yourself on a date with your very own Kanye. Let's just say that if you took a sip every time your date used the words 'me', 'my', or 'I', you'd walk out of that bar absolutely legless.

Take note of how often the apple of your eye asks you questions about your own life, both in person and over text. If you could replace yourself with a brick wall and they'd keep banging on all the same, you're probably going to want to stop that relationship in its tracks.

However, one date might not be enough to weed out the pseudo-Kanye's from the mere nervous Nellie's. One-sided conversations can be a sign of egotism, but it may also be a coping mechanism for someone who is shy or not very experienced when it comes to dating.



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It's also helpful to keep in mind that you may be the Kanye. In which case, it's time to take a long, hard look at yourself. But not so long and hard that you end up falling in love with your own reflection.

Kanye-ing joins a long and laughable list of dating terms quickly solidifying their place in the millennial vernacular.

There's Spearfishing (posting content to your social media account you know will capture the attention of a special someone), Eclipsing (picking up all of your partners hobbies and characteristics), and getting Glamboozled (dressing up for a date only to be cancelled on last minute).

There's a whole language out there of dating terms, each as ridiculous as the next.



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While it can be a little overwhelming to carry a mental dictionary around with you on every date, keeping an arsenal of dating terms can be extremely empowering.

By giving ourselves a language to describe poor experiences, we're better equipped to learn from past situations and know what to avoid in future.

If you've dated a Kanye before, you won't want to date a Kanye again. Unless of course, you are a Kim Kardashian. In that case, date away.

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