'Carlin Had To Watch Me': Why Angie Kent Was Reluctant To Do DWTS After The Bachelorette

After publicly dating 20 men to finally find 'the one', Angie Kent was hoping she could avoid jumping into the arms of another bloke any time soon.

But when you're dancing the foxtrot, you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

Only two performances through her 'Dancing With The Stars' journey and with the third on its way, Angie is slowly accepting that if you want to dance well, you have to dance close.

"I found it really hard at first," Angie told 10 daily, opening up about how she feels about dancing with her professional dance partner, Julian Caillon.

Obviously I was just on a show where I was dating like 20 dudes. And then Carlin had to watch me date those dudes! So that’s a big mind F.

"And then for me to be spending all my time with another guy? It’s challenging."



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After winning the hearts of Australia (and of course, one Mr Carlin Sterritt) as our 2019 Bachelorette, Angie's dating days are well behind her. Now she gets the giggles even thinking about cosying up to another man.

"Like, do I have to? Can’t I just laugh and have fun in every dance?" Angie joked. "But that’s not the way the show goes…"

Carlin and I do love each other very much. So for me to have to get intimate, it is part of my job -- it’s part of the character. I just found it awkward at first.

"Now I feel like I’m pretty fine with it. I got used it and I just pretend that I’m somebody else."

Certainly no stranger to our television screens, Angie has appeared on 'The Bachelorette', 'Gogglebox', and 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!'. But joining the 'DWTS' family wasn't a no-brainer for the reality tele superstar.

"For me, I think everything is a sign from the universe. But for the first time with this one, I was a little bit like, ‘mmm, yeah too soon I think for Australia, and for me'."

But her convincing friends and family, and her seize the day approach to life got her over the line. Although she's the first to admit that the timing was less than ideal.

"It was over Christmas, and I’d finished 'Bachelorette', so I’d let myself finally eat and be a bit of a sloth baby," she said, laughing. "So that wasn’t the best timing to start a full-time dance show."

Rehearsing and filming almost six days a week, the hectic show schedule is taking its toll on Angie.

"I am finding it pretty hardcore. I mean, it’s a lot. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. I don’t think I realised how much it was going to be."

Angie has spoken before about the daily fitness routine she swore by while filming 'The Bachelorette', but dealing with her current rehearsal schedule is a whole new ball game.



Angie Had A Morning Ritual She Followed Every Day While In The Bach Pad

Unlike the men vying for Angie Kent's heart, there's not a lot of down time when you're 'The Bachelorette'.

"I’m feeling a lot better in my body and I think I’m getting fitter."

I’m trying to get back into boxing, but I train five hours a day! When I get home I either work more, or I just wanna sleep or I try to hang out with Carlin -- I have no time.

Angie moved back to Sydney from the Gold Coast recently "because Carlin’s here, and it’s easier to train here."

The love birds may finally live in the same city, but they're not jumping at the chance to share a pad just yet.

"If you take yourself out of the whole Bachie Bubble and think, I've only been dating him since August... And in the real world if I met a dude in August, I wouldn't be like, 'hey, let's move in together in January'."

We've been on such a hectic love safari, we just wanted to be an average couple and live apart in Sydney. And then maybe when it gets to a year, then move in together.

Carlin flew down to Melbourne last week to cheer Angie on from the sidelines, and this week, her whole family will be following suit.

This Sunday night marks a particularly special performance for Angie, as she dances to commemorate an extremely significant year in her life -- 2018.

"I lost my poppy, and then I unexpectedly lost my nanny who was my soulmate and my best friend. So I’m dancing for her," she said.

"I’m doing the waltz and my family are coming. We went through a lot that year."

Angie often speaks about her grandparents and the strong bond she had with them. She said that she feels her nanny by her side every time she has an important decision or adventure ahead of her.

"I wouldn’t have been able to do the jungle or 'The Bachelorette' or this without her. I feel her all the time," she explained.

Angie Kent's waltz is set to be a special one, and she's glad to have her fellow star and dancers backstage for support.

"I think this week will be way more emotional than other weeks, on top of all the other emotions you get live dancing. It’ll be nice to see how we all come together."

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