'He Doesn't Piss In My Pocket': Zoë Foster Blake On Her Marriage To Hamish

Zoë Foster Blake has spoken candidly about her marriage to Hamish Blake, giving us a glimpse inside one of the country's cutest couples.

If Australia had the chance to choose our own royal family, odds are you wouldn't hear the words 'Windsor' or 'Cambridge'. Instead, there would be the names Foster and Blake.

Skincare mogul and author Zoë Foster Blake wed beloved Aussie comedian Hamish Blake back in 2012. The pair -- now parents of two little ones -- have gone on to become a power couple of the highest order.



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Although their careers and business ventures exist very much in the public eye, we are still left champing at the bit for any speckle of insight we can get into their private lives.

But consider us satiated.

Sitting down with Shameless Media's Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald for an episode of their podcast, Zoë has provided us with enough gushy, lovely Hamish content to get us through another day.

According Zoë, founder of successful skincare company Go-To, her husband is her "best business adviser."

He's amazing -- you guys know -- he's incredibly experienced. He's been in the media for such a long time, he's ten years ahead of me in terms of that.

A true jack of all trades, Zoë has made a name for herself in a number of industries, namely beauty and publishing. She explained she often turns to her husband to workshop new ideas and projects.

"He's really considered, he's thoughtful, he's generous, he's beautiful. I'm so lucky to have him in my corner. Even like a new book idea, I'll thrash it through with him," she told Shameless.

He doesn't piss in my pocket, we're very honest with each other.

Successful in their own right and the parents of two young children, Sonny and Rudy, Hamish and Zoë have had to learn to manage life given each other's hectic career demands.

Zoë tells the podcast hosts that the husband and wife duo look over each other's schedules when planning their next career moves. If Hamish is filming,  she take her "foot off work at that time."

"I'll know that he's working 14 hour days, so I'll be around for the kids."

On the other hand, if Zoë has a big launch or something equally as chaotic in the pipeline, she locks that in when her husband's schedule isn't so "full on."

We have big meaty chats about career, he's my best business adviser.

We're all aware by now that not every peachy and perfect relationship we see on Instagram is totally reflective of what goes on behind closed doors. But Zoë insists that she and her husband do consider themselves extremely lucky.

It doesn't mean that we don't have a life and real life struggles and stresses like everyone in the whole wide world.

"But we are so privileged, so lucky! Healthy children, happy life, best country in the world... like, c'mon? We're very lucky."



Hamish Blake's Genius Trick For When Zoe Foster Blake Is On Her Phone

As the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them?

Zoë has put pen to paper many times in the past to write about her current marriage and her previous relationships (break-ups and all). But she now feels that her love advice-giving days are behind her.

She did reveal that she is working on another non-fiction book at the moment though. But until that publish date arrives, we'll just have to keep swooning over her real-life marriage.

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