Aussie Tradesman Proposes To Girlfriend On Live Television

It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air.

So what better day to pop the question if you're planning on getting down on one knee? That was Anthony's plan when he decided to propose to his girlfriend of eight years, Eliza.

Going all out for the special moment, Anthony hired wedding venue Athol Hall in Sydney's Mosman and decked it out with flowers, a proposal sign and even a live singer to serenade his girlfriend as she entered the venue with the help of My Proposal Co.

But just to add an extra element of suspense, the tradesman thought he'd do it on live television, with a Studio 10 camera team filming the entire event. No pressure.



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Anyone who has ever planned a wedding will know it's no easy feat.

Prior to his big moment, Anthony told the Studio 10 panel he was very nervous about proposing to the 23-year-old high school teacher.

"On a scale of one to ten it's definitely a 10 but excited at the same time," he said.

"It's [the proposal] been on the cards for a while. What better day than to do in on Valentine's Day? She will least expect it and I'll really catch her off guard today I think, so why not?"

Anthony down on one knee. Image: Studio 10

Anthony explained the hardest element to organise was getting Eliza to take a day off from the classroom.

"I kept it nice and simple. I said: 'I've got the day off work,' my job finished up because I'm a tradesman. 'Why don't you take the day off and make a day of it'," he said.

"She was a bit iffy but we got there in the end."

You can watch Anthony's adorable proposal in the video above.

Featured image: Studio 10