'The Love Tax' Is Making Aussies Ditch Valentine's Day

More than half of Australians are boycotting Valentine's Day celebrations this year, and no, it's not just because we're all single and alone.

According to a survey conducted by financial comparison site Finder, we're a country full of skeptics when it comes to the annual day of love.

Of the 1,020 Aussies that participated in the study, 26 percent of single folk stated that they would not be celebrating -- a fairly obvious stat given their state of singledom.

More interestingly, 30 percent of coupled-up respondents indicated that they will not be celebrating Valentine's Day. And it's believed to be the fault of the 'love tax'.



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The 'love tax' describes the hike in price that occurs in the lead-up to February 14 on romance-related products such as flowers, chocolates and hotel rooms.

Finder has revealed that an inner city hotel room can see a price jump of almost $100 during the romantic season.

The skyrocketing prices are turning Australians away from participating in the holiday that is largely linked to gift-giving and grand gestures.

But of those who are celebrating, 20 percent plan on dining out with their loved one, and 12 percent said they'll stay at home.

For those who would rather a pressie than a dinner, 13 percent of Australians will be purchasing a gift and 11 percent will be buying flowers.

Are you going all out this year? Image: 'Valentine's Day'

And men are far more likely to purchase Valentine's gifts for their partner than women. Only nine percent of women plan on gift-giving, as opposed to 17 percent of men.

Single folk aren't totally ditching the day altogether -- a small number (three percent) will be spending the evening with their friends. Galentine's Day, on February 13, is another popular option for those without partners looking to get their platonic love fix. 

As February 14 nears, the stats suggest we may need to start managing our expectations.

And if you do get a gift or a dinner, you should feel particularly special, because you are well and truly in the minority in this country.

Featured Image: 'Valentine's Day'