'Going To The Gym': The Most Common Places Partners Say They Are When They're Cheating

A recent survey has found the locations used most as a cover up by cheaters when they are actually engaging in infidelity.

The findings were released by website Illicit Encounters, following a survey of 2,000 people who had cheated on their partners, questioning them about where they said they were while they were with the other person.

When it comes to both men and women, one of the most common excuses was going to the gym. Fitness as an excuse was the reason used most by women and the sixth most for men.

Other popular excuses included work related scenarios like staying back late or socialising with co-workers. Image: Getty

Sex and relationship expert, Jessica Leoni, believes if your partner starts going to the gym more than they typically would or have in the past, that you have “every right to be suspicious”.

Gyms are hotbeds for affairs and people cheating on their partners.

Taking the dog for a walk was also used often, being the fifth most common activity given by women and the sixth most common for men.

Leisure and beauty routines were further used by women while men relied on sporting activities, both in terms of watching sport and participating in it.

The excuses themselves are quite vague and don't offer much detail in order to decrease the chance of getting caught out.

You can see the full list of findings below:

The top excuses used for cheating by women:

1. Going to the gym

2. A night out with the girls

3. Working late in the office

4. Socialising after work

5. Walking the dog

6. Shopping

7. Seeing relatives

8. Meeting best friend

9. Gone for a beauty treatment

10. Playing sport

The top excuses used for cheating by men:

1. Watching football

2. Playing golf

3. Working late in the office

4. Socialising after work

5. Boys night out

6. Walking the dog

7. Going to the gym

8. Playing sport

9. Meeting best friend

10. Seeing relatives

Aside from offering excuses for where they are, relationship expert Simone Milasas told 10 daily there are changes in behaviour that can indicate whether or not a partner might be developing a wandering eye and start looking outside of your relationship.



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