Bride-To-Be Shamed Over 'Embarrassing' $3 Kmart Gifts

In an age of expensive 'bridesmaid boxes', a bit of glitter glue and some homespun tenacity simply doesn't cut it anymore.

It's hard work planning a wedding in 2020. Of course there's the dress, the venue, the guest list... all the big things that are as hard on the budget as they are fiddly to organise.

But gone are the days of only stressing about the wedding. Now, brides are expected to turn every moment leading up to their nuptials into an elaborate affair as well.

One bride-to-be is pushing back on the trend by creating a lovely and cheap gift for her bridesmaids... or so she hoped.

With a $3 Kmart toiletries bag and some pink glitter glue, she certainly managed to craft a gift that is, er, unforgettable...?

“Do these look OK? I made them last night using make-up bags from Kmart. Fabric glue and glitter,” she wrote on her own Facebook page alongside a photo of her handy work.

The post was screenshot and shared to Kmart Unhacks & Roasts, a page dedicated to taking the mickey out of Kmart mums and their nifty ways.

The comment section then went to town on the woman and her DIY project.

"Rocky Honour Picture Show lol," wrote one commenter, referring to the dribble-like font.

"In what universe is this nice," questioned one particularly harsh critic.

While the bride's art attack is not too easy on the eye, she was commended for giving it a red hot go anyway.

"Bless her heart, it's the thought that counts," said one supporter.

Others jokingly tagged their own bridesmaids, warning them that their own Kmart creations were be on the way.

It's becoming increasingly popular to ask your family and friends to be in your wedding party not through text messages or coffee dates, but with complicated (and sometimes over the top) presents.

And while 'Bridesmaid Boxes' filled to the brim with wine, cheese and confetti are the way many wife-to-be's are doing it, there's nothing wrong with a bit of cost-cutting craftiness.

This woman's glittery concoction certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea, but we do have to give her an E for Effort.

Featured Image: Facebook