Nugget Bouquets Are Here For Valentine's Day Because Food Wins Hearts Over Flowers

A dozen roses are so last decade. This Valentines Day loved-up ladies are asking for presents they can eat.

A rose petal may look beautiful, but can you smother it in sweet and sour sauce?

Alternative bouquets are set to become one of the biggest gift-giving trends of the year. And as forward thinking love birds gear up for Valentine's Day, they're turning towards fast food.

Culinary geniuses are placing Maccas chicken nuggets on long skewers and wrapping them up to look like traditional flower arrangements. Because nothing says romance like a greasy feast.

The juicy nugs are the main event, and are spruced up with baby's breath flowers and glossy wrapping paper. For a particularly 'lush' display, you're going to want to aim for 24 nuggets - that way your loved one's heart will be as full as their stomach.

The quirky arrangement is a huge hit with women all over the world.

Last year, American bride Jenna Spetz went viral when she walked down the aisle at her wedding proudly sporting her very own chicken nugget bouquet.

If your beloved Valentine is hungry for more, there are a number of other edible bouquet ideas you can try for yourself.

Doughnut bouquets are one of the easiest to pull off. Simply stick the tasty treats onto skewers of different lengths to add dimensions. For a pop of colour, opt for a range of toppings and icings.

Chocolate bouquets are a little trickier, but a number of Aussie gift delivery services will handle the hard work for you. Spherical chocolates like Ferrero Rochers look best, especially when wrapped in patty pans and gathered tightly.

If your sweetie prefers savoury, you can get even weirder with your flavour arrangements. Prove to your partner just how much you listen to them with one of the most divisive bouquets on the internet -- the pickle bouquet.

If you're feeling a toothache coming along just by looking at this list, or if your betrothed is a bit of a health nut, maybe a fruit bouquet is what you're after.

The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. So if you really want to make an impression this Valentine's Day, think less 'florist' more 'drive-thru'.

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