WAG Zoe Marshall Claps Back After Her Relationship Is Labelled 'Very Weird'

Zoe Marshall is currently on an incredible holiday in Singapore, sharing snaps of herself pool-side with one of her closest friends.

Except there's a problem. Zoe's close friend happens to be prominent fashion designer, Steven Khalil, who also happens to be a man.

And according to some of her Instagram followers, this fact somehow makes their intimate relationship inappropriate. Yep.

Zoe, 35, shared screen shots of direct messages she received after she shared photos of herself enjoying a drink on the beach in a bikini, alongside her longtime friend who she has also previously called her 'gay husband'.

"Getting some really weird questions about my friendship with Steven Khalil. Are we really living in a world where this is even a passing thought?"

The first message Zoe received read: "Questions... you seem to spend most of your time with Steven. How does Benji fit in?" referring to her husband, NRL player, Benji Marshall.

"This is a peculiar question?" Zoe replied. "I live with my husband. I spend all of my time with my family -- apart from this week when I get to go away with my friend? Benji fits right in..."

Yet the messages didn't end there, with another direct message reading: "Wow, how does your husband feel about all this alone time with your work colleague? Whether you love with Benji or not, some of your shots and Insta videos are a bit extreme."

"Looks like you guys are married and honeymooning."

Zoe again defended her close friendship with Steven, stating that she 'thinks her hubby is okay with it.'

"In fact, he was the one that suggested I take a holiday. He loves Steven as much as me. We aren't work colleagues, he is my best guy friend. We are very affectionate because we love each other immensely," Zoe replied.

"I'm not sure what you mean by extreme? I put out a pretty clear warning that I was coming in hot with the EXTRA so if that's what you mean you are welcome! I hope it inspires you to feel extra too."

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Zoe finished her message with the advice: "Feel your joy! Follow your bliss! And be a little extreme!! YOLO!"

At the end of her response she tagged Steven, jokingly writing: "I don't want to out you Steven Khalil but maybe they don't know you are allergic to my kind (females)."

When a third commenter replied to one of her stories, stating her friendship was "very weird" and asked: "Does Steven not have any other friends either?" Zoe responded in the only way possible: with humour.

"Not as fun as me. No."

Not long after the strange attack on her close friendship, Zoe posted another bikini photo along with a clear message to her followers.

"Love all the attention our very risque relationship is getting but I made a vow to spend less time on here [Instagram]... so if I don't respond to all you babes that are just full of light, I will do later," Zoe sarcastically concluded.

Image: Instagram

Following the messages on her story, Zoe then wrote a very clear message to her timeline, calling out the criticism of her friendship with Steven.

"My nan asked me this question once: "If anything was going on between Steven Khalil and I." She knew he preferred Zac’s over Zoe’s but asked anyway. I was perplexed?" she asked.

"But some of my community on Instagram are triggered by it too? It seems like people get really ruffled up about our travels and relationship. We are too affectionate, we are to close, he’s in too many photos, where is my husband? What does he think about it?"

Zoe said she has never been so confused, asking if this would be the case if she was travelling with a girlfriend.

"Would this be the case if Benj was away with his mates? Would you be questioning him? Can’t a wife and mother be on her gusband's shoulders in peace???" 

Many commented to support Zoe and her message, with some stating they were 'surprised' and 'saddened' by the reaction to her friendship.

"People are always going to question this but if you and your husband are fine with it, then everyone else can just get over it," one wrote.

"Very lucky to have a best friend like Steven," another added, with a third stating they have a friendship to envy.

Steven has dressed Zoe a number of times for red carpet events, including last year's Dally M awards. Steven is also the god father of Zoe and Benji's one-year-old son, Fox.

Steven Khalil was also contacted for comment. 

Featured image: Instagram