Chelsie's Message To Fellow Bachelor Contestants Following Breakup With Matt

On Sunday Chelsie McLeod and Matt Agnew shared the news on their Instagram accounts that they had decided to end their relationship.

But Chelsie being her ever-positive self has found the silver lining in the sad turn of events.

Posting a photo of herself and fellow Bachelor contestants Nichole, Helena and Sogand from their sky-diving group date, Chelsie captioned the photo with: "Take the good with the bad".

A number of the women commented with their words of support on Chelsie's post, including runner up Abbie Chatfield. "You’re an angel, can’t wait to see you," Abbie wrote.

Abbie previously told 10 daily that Chelsie was one of the women she remained closest to following 'The Bachelor', despite a number of fans of the show telling the runner-up this was her 'chance' to begin a relationship with Matt.

Helena shared her agreeance with Chelsie's message about friendship and added that she was so happy she had met Chelsie and all of the other 'beautiful girls' who appeared on the show. "Love you angel," Helena wrote.



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Helena previously told 10 daily about the close friendship she had formed with Chelsie during filming, explaining that they've stayed in close contact since filming on the show ended.

"I talked to Chelsie probably every day. I'm very close with her. And we have regular calls," she told 10 daily.

It tested me for a little bit [not seeing Chelsie after she left] but I'll definitely see her when I'm in town.

Sogand added that she missed Chelsie and her 'cute laugh, with Nichole extending Chelsie an invitation to visit her in the Gold Coast.

"Love you Chelsea life long friends after a wonderful unique experience together Chelsie. Gold Coast is calling you my girl," Nichole wrote.

Following the finale of the show, Chelsie told 10 daily she is friends with all of the women who appeared on the season. "It's easy to catch up with the girls that are living in Melbourne," she said. 

"But I still speak to quite a few of them and they messaged me just to check in and everything so yeah, I'm pretty good friends with them."



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The messages of support come after Matt Agnew and Chelsie shared the news they had broken up on their Instagram accounts on Sunday.

"Thank you so much to everyone for your support and kind words over what was an incredibly exciting, rewarding, challenging, and emotional journey," Chelsie wrote.

Chelsie explained that the kind words of strangers have not gone unnoticed and that Matt showed her 'what it was like to be respected in a relationship and I am so thankful for that.'

"However, it saddens me to say that we are no longer together. I wish him nothing but the best. I’m sorry to those that were invested in our relationship. Please remember to be kind online as you don’t know what is going on behind the screen," she concluded.

Featured image: Network 10