Guard Your Relationships: Today Is The Most Common Day For Couples To Break Up

A relationship expert explains why most people end their relationships on December 11.

It's the time of year when we're in the middle of Christmas shopping, end of year catch ups with friends are rolling around and we'll soon be wrapping things up at work to have a little break with friends and family.

However while most of us would assume it's a happy and festive time, according to statistics, December 11 is actually the most common day of the year for people to end their relationships.

Yes, that's today.

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Today Is The Last Acceptable Day To Dump Your Partner Before Xmas

It’s a lovely time of the year unless you’re crying into your pudding because you’ve just been dumped.

Today was deemed dumping day after statisticians who studied Facebook posts compiled information featuring breakup messages in 2018.

Speaking to 10 daily, relationship expert Simone Milasas said the biggest reason why individuals pick this date in particular is because the holiday period can make amplify our feelings if we were already uncertain about the person we're dating.

"Being so close to Christmas people don’t want to spend the holidays with someone they are uncertain about," said the author of 'Relationship, Are You Sure You Want One?'

There is a lot of pressure around meeting the family, presents and a lot of time spent together if you are not certain of someone.

But while you might think holding off until after the festive season to end your relationship is a good idea, Milasas thought otherwise, suggesting its better to 'rip it off like a band aid' if you would prefer to be single.

"Really, are you going to have a good time during the holidays if you are in a relationship that isn’t working for you?  Relationship shouldn’t be a necessity -- it should be a choice," she said.

"That means, whatever the season, no matter the date, even around the Christmas period, what choice are you making? Ultimately it’s actually unkind to be with someone if you don’t desire to be with them." 

December 11 has been deemed 'breakup day'. Image: Getty

To ensure you're not blindsided by the decision, Milasas said there are some crucial signs that might indicate your partner is about to end the relationship.

"You  know the energy of when someone doesn’t want to be around  you," she said, noting that tell tale signs include a wandering eye, not making you a priority, no longer engaging with you the way they used to or starting to fight with each other more than usual. 



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But while having your heart broken around the Christmas period is no doubt awful, Milasas suggested taking the time to prioritise yourself could be one of the best things you do at this time of the year.

"Have fun! Grab that mistletoe! Maybe this is the greatest Christmas present you could have ever had," she said.

"Please never consider yourself less than -- don’t take it personally, it is just the relationship that broke up."

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