An Astrologer Told Us The Best (And Worst) Days To Get Married In 2020 And 2021

If you're newly engaged and yet to set the date for your wedding, pull out your calendar and read closely.

We're fast approaching November, one the most popular month to get married in Australia according to McCrindle's research.

Much like March, the in between seasons of Spring and Autumn usually plays a big part in engaged couples choosing those particular times of year for their big day.

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But while the weather usually plays a big role in setting your wedding date, what about the stars?

If you're a believer in astrology, 10 daily to astrologer and empath Greg Summers to find out what the best and worst days are to have a wedding next year in 2020 and the year following in 2021.

Best days to get married in 2020

And according to Greg, there is one big stand out day in 2020. "The best day to get married in 2020 is looking like September 19th," he said.

Greg said this date falls at the end of Virgo season and is on the cusp of Libra which makes it a particularly special date.

This way to the best wedding date. Image: Getty

"The 19th has a beautiful balance of nurtured creative bliss and balanced, reasoned foresight," he said.

On this particular weekend in September, the moon will be positioned in the what we like to call the Soul Sector of its orbit, leading to a deeper spiritual connection.

Another strong choice Greg said is May 4th 2020, just as we’re rolling into Winter.

"Taurus is a very masculine, determined energy in 2020 and so holding your marriage on this particular part of the Taurus orbit shows positive things for fertility and virility," Greg said.

Best days to get married in 2021

Planning on having a long engagement and getting married in 2021? Greg said you want to make sure to book your wedding date for the middle of August, right when Leo are at their most powerful.

The middle of August in the best time for a 2021 wedding. You heard it here first. Image: Getty

"This is a particularly good time for people with a more primal side, who are very passionate and sensual in their relationship with each other," Greg said.

"As we get closer, we’ll be able to read the energy waves of the stars in a clearer way, but Leo season should by all accounts be very beneficial in 2021."

Worst days to get married

In terms of the bad days to have a wedding, Greg said there are not many days you have to specifically avoid when planning your wedding around the stars.

Yet Greg does suggest avoiding June if it's possible.

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"The natural duality of Gemini doesn't tend to foster unity between the two people who have chosen to be in a monogamous relationship," Greg said.

You can, of course, capitalise on this by celebrating each other’s differences, rather than trying to force agreement at this particular juncture.

According to McCrindle, June is actually one of the least popular months when it comes to Aussies tying the knot. Go figure.

So it seems like when it comes to picking the perfect wedding date, most of us are already on the right track.

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