Chelsie McLeod Explains Why She And Matt Agnew Have Been Absent From Instagram

After 'The Bachelor' finale, Matt and Chelsie were forced to respond to rumours they had split up after the filming of the finale while the show was still airing.

The couple explained in a number of media interviews that they are still very much together and Matt didn't 'pull a Blake Garvey' and run off with runner up Abbie Chatfield after rumours began swirling.

Yet just weeks after 'The Bachelor' wrapped up, Chelsie has been forced to defend the status of her relationship with Matt once again.

And this time, it's because the pair haven't been sharing loved up snaps on Instagram since they posted about Chelsie meeting Matt's mum five days ago.

Guys, can we calm down. It's perfectly fine and logical for a new couple not to post every waking moment of their days together on Instagram or other social media platforms.

But... the absence from Instagram has caused fans of the show to speculate over whether the astrophysicist and the chemical engineer are in fact, still together, forcing Chelsie to respond.

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"Hey guys. I've had quite a few people message me and ask if Matt and I are still together," Chelsie said on her Instagram story on Sunday.

"And I can confirm that we are. And the reason that we haven't done any posts together in a while, is that he's overseas visiting his nephew who was born when we were filming."

Prior to her message, Chelsie also posted a photo her herself and Matt standing on either side of a cardboard cutout of the most recent Bachelor.

"Come back from overseas now human, or I'll have to start dating this cardboard cut-out instead," she jokingly wrote along with it about her boyfriend, who is currently in London.

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So while Chelsie can't wait from Matt to return from his trip, it seems that all of the followers keeping an eye on their relationship on Instagram can't get enough of the pair either.

Featured image: Instagram