Explained: Why Osher Günsberg Whispers In 'The Bachelor' Rose Ceremonies

One of the biggest questions surrounding this season of 'The Bachelor' has finally been answered.

If you've ever been on Twitter during a Bachelor rose ceremony, you will know that it's the one question that always reigns supreme: Why is Osher always whispering?

Well now the host himself has explained the great mystery during an interview with Mumbrella and it's honestly a relief because we can all go back to sleeping soundly at night.

Osher said his reason for speaking so softly is out of respect for the upset contestants leaving 'The Bachelor' mansion.

"On 'The Bachelor', I whisper because I am essentially attending a memorial service for someone's romantic dreams," he said.

Someone is getting their heart broken, so I'm very morose and very respectful of what's happening.

Osher added that he only speaks around "10 per cent" of "his full volume" while hosting 'The Bachelor', that most recently saw the love story of Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod unfold.

This is in stark comparison to his voice while hosting 'The Masked Singer' -- which premiered this week -- explaining that he used more like "80 to 95 per cent" of his voice when on stage.

"I wear suits that can light up a dark corridor, when I step out on stage they let off fireworks and I get danced in by a troupe of highly trained and incredible dancers," he said.

Osher added that 'The Masked Singer' is  "the opposite of 'The Bachelor' as far as I go."

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During on of 'The Bachelor' episodes last month, Osher also responded to a tweet questions why he speaks so slowly on the show.

"Because I like to make sure that three cameras can get reaction shots from 18 different people," he said.

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"The actual mechanics of making reality TV are tricky sometimes."

Following 'The Masked Singer', Osher will also be hosting the new season of 'The Bachelorette' featuring Angie Kent. That's one busy man!

Featured image: Network 10