Nadia Bartel Could've Been At Home Crying Into Her Pillow, Instead She Was On A Red Carpet

If you know nothing about Nadia Bartel aside from the fact she appeared in a blue gown at the Brownlow last night -- you'd be forgiven for thinking her life is great -- perfect even.

Yet those who know Nadia Bartel, or at least know of her, would be aware that the last few months have been plagued by public reports on the breakdown of her marriage to former AFL player Jimmy Bartel, to whom she shares two young children.

In late August, Nadia, 34, told the Herald Sun, it had been a "difficult month" for her.

The publication reported that "friends of the couple" had confirmed Nadia found out her husband had been cheating with Melbourne-born, UK-based woman Lauren Mand "via text messages" she discovered on his phone.

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"Although I'm heartbroken, I don't want to comment specifically on what's been reported about Jim's trip to the UK as I don't think that is in anyone's interests," Nadia told the Herald Sun at the time.

"My single focus now is to continue to protect, care and provide for my two beautiful boys as this is a personal matter."

The storm had been brewing for months prior, with Jimmy admitting on radio station 3AW just days before that the situation between them was "not great," before refusing to comment any further on the state of their marriage.

While dealing with an estranged husband she used to call her "everything" in the public eye, the commentary around Nadia in particular only got worse.

Nadia was forced to deal with reports on her relationship and paparazzi following her every move, all the while looking after the two sons she shares with Jimmy.

Still, Nadia kept her head down and stayed quiet on social media, where she has built her own brand and career as a fashion blogger, amassing 640,000 followers in the process.

It would've been easy for her to air all the details behind the reports.

Except she didn't. Instead, the mum-of-two went back to work. The problem is, when you're Nadia Bartel, you don't walk into the quiet confines of an office.

For Nadia Bartel, your work is being out and about as a public face, most recently as co-host on the Brownlow Medal red carpet where she appeared on Monday night in Melbourne -- an event she last attended while pregnant with hers and Jimmy's second child.

Nadia and Jimmy Bartel at the Brownlow Medal in 2018. Image: Getty

Let that sink in while you imagine how difficult that must have been.

Nadia would've come face to face with Jimmy's AFL mates and probably had to ask them a few questions for media interviews. She likely would've been the focus of many empathetic looks from the accompanying WAGs, too.

None of this made Nadia shy away from her commitments to cover the red carpet event.

Yes, Nadia looked incredible. But Nadia didn't look incredible because she was trying to prove a point to Jimmy -- who was not in attendance -- or anyone else for that matter. Nadia always looks incredible and it only takes a brief scroll of her Instagram to know that.

Nadia's true power is in the fact that she didn't have to turn up. She could quite easily have cancelled, stayed at home with her two young boys, Ashton, three, and Henley, 10 months.

But she showed up, pushed through and got the job done.

What Nadia did was put on a brave face. And while it would've been perfectly okay for her to quietly backtrack on her hosting commitments, she didn't.

And in that, the mum-of-two gave us all a lesson in how to handle a tough personal situation like a true professional.

On Monday night, she reminded us all of that.

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