'That's Pretty Brutal': Dr Nikki On What She Saw Behind The Scenes On 'The Bachelor' Set

Sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein took a visit to 'The Bachelor' mansion during Wednesday night's episode and she made some important observations while she was there.

Her job was to explore the unspoken and help Matt to peel back his strongest connections with the girls left in the mansion. According to Dr Nikki, this is what will become the 'glue' for Matt and the woman he ends up with in the outside world.

Dr Nikki told 10 daily while she was there, she noticed a fair bit going on behind the scenes that wasn't caught by the rolling cameras. The sexologist said she was on the lookout for something in particular and that was which woman could be 'vulnerable'.

"That's the hardest thing in this format and we see people struggle with this in everyday life as well. It's letting that guard down to let someone in. We've all been hurt we've all been in bad situations before and we all want to stay protected," she said.

Dr Nikki explained it was quite clear to her that Helena had 'a wall up' and was finding this quite hard to get past, adding that this puts a block between Matt really getting to know her.

"I saw Helena open up more to him [Matt]. There was a connection there that maybe he didn't see before. We've seen Helena kind of be... there's a tough side to her and there is a bit of a wall there," she said.

"You were able to see more of a connection with her letting herself go. That's what really stood out for me, being able to see her soften with him."

Dr Nikki said that it's not possible to fake chemistry and despite being on 'this massive set', it's easy to forget that you're in a reality TV format because the locations are so big.

"Those people who accuse the girls of playing that game or only being there for one motivation or faking chemistry, it was nice to see how real it really is," she said.

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"Those girls are filming which can be intimidating when you have people watching on but there are lots of times when people are re-gigging things and they're there with Matt."

So they are able to actually explore this connection and this potential relationship with him in an environment that is altered but it does feel real when you're there.

Dr Nikki added that the suggestion some of the women would be there for 'the wrong reasons' doesn't make any sense to her.

"They're [the women] completely putting themselves on the line, especially at this point. You're not going to put yourself in that position for 15 minutes of fame," she told 10 daily.

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"It's pretty horrible to think that you're falling for somebody and he might be liking you but, hey, at the end of the day he likes somebody else better and he's going to have to break things off with you. That's pretty brutal."

Dr Nikki added that Matt is 'a lovely guy' and has a genuine care for the women on 'The Bachelor' who are being completely vulnerable in being there.

"He is a real gentleman. I got to see him with these women and he was very respectful of them. He was respectful of the fact that they're all investing their hearts at this point," she told 10 daily.

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