Emma Explains Identity Of Mystery Man She Was Seen With During 'The Bachelor'

The 32-year-old left 'The Bachelor' mansion on Thursday night following her hometown visit.

Yet while the show was still airing, the fashion brand manager was papped unexpectedly with a man at Depot Beach in NSW.

An onlooker reportedly said that the pair were "all over each other" and that they were giggling and at one stage he even gave her a piggyback ride -- it was "rather romantic."

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Photos of the pair were published by Woman's Day along with the comments, yet speaking to 10 daily following her departure from 'The Bachelor' mansion, Emma has clarified who the man is.

"That was really strange, I was a bit disappointed about that [being photographed]," she said. "They made it out to look like I was on a date -- I wish I had of been on a date!"

Emma told 10 daily that the man is "just a mate" and that they were playing around and having fun when the photos of them were taken without warning.

"I’m quite a huggy person as it is, but it was just a mate of mine and we were mucking around and he was piggybacking me and all that," she said.

"But it was disappointing that the paps had gone to such great lengths to get photos of me trying to not get my feet wet."

Appearing on Studio 10 on Friday morning, Emma said, "I am still very much single. It's good to be single and to take some time out for a while."

She explained that she definitely had feelings for Matt and that she was completely open and honest with him about the way she felt.

"It was such a pressure cooker environment. It's not a natural environment and literally the only person we see is Matt. So look I did develop feelings for him and I was completely open and honest with him," she said.

Emma added the commentary around her being a 'stage five clinger' was "fine" and that at the end of the day, she is going to own it.

"I put myself out there and if people want to call me a clinger then that's fine. I'm laughing along with it," she said.

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In terms of Abbie and her behaviour on the show, Emma said she thinks her feelings towards Matt are genuine.

"I'm good friends with Abbie and she's told everybody that she is falling in love with him and I would like to think that her feelings are genuine," she said.

"Yes she's been surrounded in a lot of drama but we've got to give the poor girl a break, she's there for Matt."

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Featured image: Network 10