Georgia Love Shares How Lee Elliott Managed To Pull Off Their Surprise Engagement

Georgia Love has explained how her now fiance Lee Elliott managed to keep his romantic proposal top secret.

Georgia gushed about her ridiculously cute engagement on her new podcast 'The Reality Bite', explaining to co-host Shura Taft that she had no idea Lee was going to get down on one knee.

The former 'Bachelorette' explained that last week marked the couple's three year anniversary -- which they celebrate on the day they made things official during the show's finale in 2016.

"As Lee eloquently puts it, when I stopped dating his mates," she laughed. 

Georgia's 31st birthday was also last week so she didn't twig at all when Lee suggested they take a romantic holiday to a houseboat in the middle of the Hawkesbury River to celebrate the two milestones.

"Sunday morning he said, 'Okay, I’m taking you out for a special lunchtime activity so I put on something nice and he told me we were going to a winery," she explained.  

"So I put on my winery stuff and we’re standing out on the deck of this little houseboat thing and he says, ‘I think our ride’s here.'"

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The sweet moment was posted to Instagram and shows the "old Halvorson boat" that made a cameo appearance on the couple's first-ever date on 'The Bachelorette' pulling up to their houseboat.

Georgia explained that the family-owned boat had the same crew from their first date and it was "so beautiful".

After mooring at a quiet spot on the river, with a bottle of champagne on hand, Lee started setting up his drone -- which still didn't make Georgia suspicious.

"Lee’s got a drone that he’s obsessed with so it’s completely in the ordinary for him. He puts the drone up and he sat down and said, 'Oh it’s just taking some photos'."

She explained that Lee is "shocking on camera" and usually "goes to water" if he's trying to say anything meaningful.

"So he now tells me he’s got this beautiful big speech prepared that he just kind of stuffed up," she laughed. 

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But he managed to push through and utter the sweet phrase he said to her during a 'Bach' date where he was mixing her cocktails from around the world.

"And he said, ‘So if you’re not busy for the next 50 or 60 years...' And it was a really cute moment."

You can listen to all the goss about Georgia's engagement plus hear her and Shura's thoughts about this season of 'The Bachelor' over at 'The Reality Bite' podcast.

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