Matty J And Laura Byrne On Trying To Plan A Wedding With A Newborn

The pair who fell in love on 'The Bachelor' recently welcomed their first child and it's meant they've had little time to think about tying the knot.

Trying to plan a wedding is hard enough but for Matty J and Laura Byrne -- who welcomed their first child and daughter Marlie-Mae in June --- it's been a whole new level of difficult.

"I’ve been a little slack with the wedding preparations," Matty J told 10 daily. "The last few months have been so hectic for the both of us so it’s been put on the back burner."

The former Bachelor said he and Laura are still deciding on the location of their wedding, tossing between whether it will be in New South Wales or Queensland.

"We're hoping to make some solid progress in the next couple of weeks," Matty J said, with Laura adding: "We have vaguely thrown out next October as an option."

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And after the pair have tied the knot, they have no plan of slowing down either, sharing that they plan to try for a second baby once they've had their wedding.

"We’ve spoken about it and we’d love to give Marlie-Mae a little brother or sister in the next couple of years," Matty J told 10 daily. "I think we’d start trying again after the wedding."

Laura said the most unexpected part of becoming a parent for her is just how much she loves it.

"That sounds silly but I am loving being a mum more than I could have ever imagined," Laura said. "I think it is natural to have some fears when you're becoming a parent for the first time but Marlie is such a little legend."

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Matty J added that becoming a dad has made him more emotional than he has been in his entire life.

"I think I’ve cried more in the last three months than I have in the last three years," he said. "I remember holding Marlie-Mae in my arms and hearing a song -- can’t help falling in love by Hayley Reinhart -- and it was enough to make me cry like a baby."

Laura said that while Marlie-Mae being two weeks late gave her and Matty lots of time to prepare for her arrival, she believes it made her labour harder.

"They don't call it labour for no reason." Laura told 10 daily. "Marlie-Mae was two weeks late, so she had to be induced."

On one hand it was good as we had ample time to prepare for her arrival. But on the other hand the contractions and birth was a lot more painful than if it had been spontaneous.

Laura said there were a few complications getting Marlie-Mae earthside. "But as soon as she was here none of that really mattered," she said.

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